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"QA and testing have become a concurrent process"

Quality Assurance (QA) must be introduced in the formative stages of the software development life cycle to realize better business value. In conversation with PCQuest, Manish Tandon, head of Independent Validation and Testing Solutions, Infosys, discusses the trends in software testing:

Business imperative: Independent software testing reduces the risk of failure in revenue-generating applications. QA has now become an integral part and a concurrent process during application development.

Automation: The ability to automate allows repeatability of QA, which in turn ensures lower costs and faster time to market. In addition, the automation of testing ensures that outcomes are more predictable.

Mobile and Web: Mobile applications require testing for form factor, compliance and functionality. Demand for testing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) is high.


As featured in the July edition of PCQuest

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Manish Tandon

Manish Tandon, Vice President & Head, Independent Validation and Testing Solutions, Infosys

Manish is responsible for formulating and executing the business strategy for Independent Validation and Testing Solutions practice at Infosys. He manages critical relationships with client executives, industry analysts, and deal consultants, and anchors the training and development of key personnel. He can be reached at

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