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SAP Testing

SAP systems are the lifeline of an organization. Nearly all business-critical transactions take place through these systems. However, there is no denying that the complexity of these systems is pervasive. In such a case, a sound testing mechanism can prove to be a savior, rescuing the SAP system from failure or from downtime of your critical business activity.

Challenges in creating a successful SAP testing project

Package deployments, upgrades, and functional releases introduce unique challenges for IT organizations when it comes to managing risks associated with production defects and performance. Testing SAP applications poses critical challenges in the project lifecycle of a functional release, upgrade or rollout. Some of these challenges are:

  • Continual changes due to support, maintenance, upgrades, multi-site, multi-instance, and multi-country rollout projects
  • Heterogeneous IT landscape; multi-vendor system integration
  • Complex integration across SAP and legacy systems, and processes across the enterprise
  • Unstable automation achieved over processes
  • Escalating license and maintenance cost of tools and systems
  • Continuously evolving requirements and stretched release cycles
  • Huge regression inventory; high maintenance efforts for test cases
  • Environment and infrastructure availability

Infosys SAP Testing service portfolio

Infosys, as a trusted SAP QA advisor, helps clients to boost innovation, maximize value from their QA investments, and enhance business value. Our gamut of services include:

  • QA consulting
    • TCoE implementation
    • QA process assessment
    • Test center roadmap
    • Tool recommendation
  • Core testing
    • Unit and system testing
    • Functional and integration testing
    • Regression testing
    • UAT and business support
  • Specialized services
    • Lifecycle test automation
    • Test data management
    • Performance testing
    • Test automation
    • Security and compliance testing

Brochure: Infosys SAP Testing Service catalog

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