Infosys enables Prime Therapeutics to optimize effort and reduce cost

Prime Therapeutics required expert assistance to stay agile, attract new talent, reduce vendors, and manage rapid business growth. That’s when they partnered with Infosys. Doug Ableidinger, Senior Director, Application Development, Prime Therapeutics, highlights special snippets of this partnership.


Infosys Zero Distance helps APS deliver greater business value

Infosys and Arizona Public Service (APS) jointly developed a parallel sustainability program to independently and automatically test a new product release without impacting the current product. The Zero Distance initiative has enabled APS to save millions and accelerate speed to market.


Infosys Test Hub improves end-user experience through automation at Kraft Heinz

In this video, Aaron Katz, Senior Manager at Kraft Heinz speaks about how Infosys has grown to be a key partner for the company across its strategic organizational changes and developments.


Honda saves 90 percent on manual test operations through automation

Infosys helps Honda attain its objectives streamlining testing processes, achieving zero production defects, faster time to market, and cost reduction. Infosys Test Automation Accelerator enables Honda overcome its challenges as it saves 90 percent on manual test savings through automation.