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"Managing demand is the new growth mantra"

Companies can grow only if they remain relevant. They must innovate, increase their reach, and become scalable by capitalizing on ubiquitous computing, says S.D. Shibulal, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys.

In his keynote address on ‘New Paradigms of Growth’ at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Shibulal discusses strategies to move towards the future of enterprises:

  • Maximize performance
    Next-generation IT infrastructure, combined with mobility and business intelligence, empowers the enterprise with anytime, anywhere decision-making.
  • Co-create with digital consumers
    Self-service channels enhance the user experience, deepen engagement with customers, and foster collaboration. Technology-driven processes ensure a uniform multichannel experience.
  • Usher in personalization
    Platform-based solutions deliver personalized products and services, while addressing latent demand. Significantly, an ecosystem that incorporates social interactions across business processes can better respond to consumers.

Shibulal concludes by articulating how enterprises of the future must sense, shape, and fulfill demand.

Watch Shibulal’s keynote address

Part 1

Shibulal’s keynote address

Part 2

Shibulal’s keynote address

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