Supply chain management

IT landscapes today have evolved into complex and high-maintenance behemoths. The intricate architecture limits real-time visibility into the supply chain. Enterprises need an agile, lean, and scalable supply chain to respond to changing market needs and fluctuating demand. They must be able to address the following challenges:

  • Demand shocks and high demand variance
  • Multiple touchpoints across the supply chain, requiring end-to-end-visibility to anticipate changes and make informed decisions
  • Lag and effort involved in synchronizing changes originating from partners
  • Automating demand prioritization and optimizing supply allocation


Infosys Oracle Supply Chain Management solutions combine strong supply chain management knowledge with Oracle’s proven product capabilities. The objective is to help organizations stay agile and improve end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

Consulting services

Infosys SCM Consulting leverages a range of offerings in SCM that include various services for strategy definition benchmarking, package deployments (on-premise / cloud), upgrades, and sustenance.

Our supply chain strategy, operations and IT consulting service develops strategic network models as well as strategies for transportation, warehouse, and distribution. Infosys domain and technology experts conduct in-depth studies of your existing business processes and system landscape. We design and recommend organization-specific strategies based on future trends and by comparing the desired outcomes with industry best practices.

Infosys Process Benchmarking service engages functional and technical experts for operational and technical benchmarking. Our experts evaluate the current processes against industry-benchmarked processes such as the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) framework. The objective is to provide actionable inputs to align existing processes with benchmarks.

Infosys Package-enabled Business Transformation service enables end-to-end business transformation. Package deployment services include program and project management, business and technology process definition, configuration and customization, and user acceptance and testing.

Infosys Cloud Adoption services provide a smooth transition from existing applications to Oracle Cloud applications. We provide cloud readiness assessment, robust cloud migrations, accelerated rollouts, and de-risked upgrades, as well as development and deployment processes.

Technology services

Infosys Technology services complement Infosys Consulting offerings. These include enterprise architecture, application development and maintenance (ADM), packaged application services, and package interoperability / integration.

Infosys ADM services enable organizations to create and maintain bespoke applications, in case existing packaged solutions do not meet their requirements. Our robust ADM services are the key element in post-production support of existing / legacy applications, thereby ensuring continued stability.

Our package interoperability and integration services are designed to help organizations that struggle with complex IT landscapes. Infosys pre-built solution delivers out-of-the-box integrations of disparate systems such as E-Business Suite (EBS), Value Chain Planning (VCP) Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) apps, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA). Infosys also offers development and support services for bespoke integrations (implementing a new package or non-package solution) that requires integration with legacy applications.

BPO services

Infosys BPO services complement our consulting and technology services and help optimize supply chain management routines, allowing organizations to focus on their core business. The BPO services optimize cost and efficiency across sourcing and procurement, invoice processing, sales fulfillment, and customer service functions.

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