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Business intelligence pre-requisite: Maturity across the enterprise

Holistic Business Intelligence Strategy-SAP

An effective business intelligence strategy requires integration of different components and robust support from performance management. According to an Infosys expert, companies must assess their maturity level in business intelligence-performance management, ranging from operational intelligence to strategic performance management and measurement.

In an article published in SAPinsider, our expert discusses how companies can become more agile and realize sustainable business value from a holistic business intelligence strategy. He focuses on how companies can enhance their maturity across critical components of business intelligence:

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) framework: Defining KPIs is imperative to link outcomes with business strategy, measure efficiency and return on investment.

Information delivery and management: Business intelligence must deliver relevant information in the appropriate format, in near real-time. Data from disparate sources must be extracted and cleansed to offer a consolidated view across the enterprise.

Enterprise performance management: Companies must be agile to ensure that execution is aligned with changing business priorities and regulatory compliance addresses new standards.

Architecture: The business intelligence architecture must have a global template but accommodate regional needs. It must be driven by performance, scalability and reusability.

Governance model: Companies can maximize business intelligence with a robust governance model that spans the development process, quality assurance, business value and user adoption.

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Published with the permission of SAPinsider

Rajesh K. Murthy, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions and Global Head, SAP practice, Infosys Limited

Rajesh K. Murthy, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions and Global Head, SAP practice, Infosys Limited

Rajesh has over 20 years of experience - a rich mix of working in European and North American markets. He is a part of the Tier-1 leadership at Infosys. He is also a member of the Board of Infosys Sweden. Rajesh can be reached at

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