SAPPHIRE 2008 at Orlando is an opportunity to interact with SAP experts from Infosys, an Onyx-level sponsor at the event. Please visit Booth 364 and meet our SAP consultants who will share with you insights into practical issues, best practices, and their experiences accumulated while working with organizations across the world. You can also interact with our customers and alliance partners to explore how Infosys can add value to your SAP systems. In addition to one-on-one meetings, you can attend our speaker sessions where some of the world's leading corporations will share how their SAP systems help them to boost business value. In the ASUG conference, sessions on specific SAP solutions have been organized to help you enhance the competitiveness of your organization.

Infosys expert sessions

Standardization vs. flexibility in SAP: Who should win?

Does your organization have complex, non-standard and inflexible business processes that are limited by underlying SAP systems? Meet Ravi Hossur, Santosh Jamadagni and Eric Rich at SAPPHIRE to discuss how to achieve business process harmonization by implementing SAP as a transaction processing engine.

27 ways to de-risk your SAP upgrade

Are apprehensions regarding long durations for the upgrade project, downtimes for cutover, large database sizes, complex customizations, and Unicode conversion holding you back from upgrading? Infosys SAP upgrade experts Srinivas Anne and Sagar Panchpor, share practical insights into implementing a risk-free SAP upgrade and the future advantages of upgrading.

How to cut your compliance costs by 50 percent

Is compliance an expensive, inevitable, and ongoing activity that your organization finds hard to cope with? Is the current focus at your company on mere compliance, and not on making the process competent? In a one-on-one session, Keerthana Mainkar and Mauro Romano elaborate on how to extract maximum value from your compliance investments.

SAP and Supply Chain 2.0

Have globalization, product lifecycles, and increased demand variability altered supply chain management in fundamental ways where the only constant is change? Dinesh Vandayar, Srinivas Krishnamoorthy and Atul Chorbele, our SCM experts, discuss how you can enable your supply chain to be adaptive and responsive in the midst of constant change.

Procurement platform with SAP: Stop spending time on transactions, start making strategic savings

Are you looking for an integrated solution for managing the non-core business functions of your organization? Infosys platform expert, Nitin Vishwakarma discusses a platform-based offering in the procurement domain, that provides best-in-class processes enabled by an integrated application suite with SAP at its core.

What is your ROI on integration investments?

Are growing integration costs a concern for you? Do you feel the integration investments are not giving you the best returns? Ashish Tewary, Arup Raha and Chandan Govindrajulu, Infosys SAP EAI consultants, discuss how to reconfigure business processes, create composite applications from different sources and integrate with business partners.

Infosys sessions

Eastman Kodak partners with Infosys for a SAP-based supply chain

Find out how Eastman Kodak realizes the benefits of a responsive supply chain using SAP systems.

Speakers: Imran Khan, CIO for CDG and GCG, Worldwide Information Systems, Eastman Kodak Company

Jaisankar Venkat, Associate Vice President and Global Head, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Solutions, Infosys
Date:May 5, 2008
Time:12:10 p.m. – 1:10 p.m. EST
Location:Partner Theater

ERP 6.0: Setting the stage for an enterprise-wide transformation

Learn how a leading oilfield services company has set the stage for an enterprise-wide transformation with ERP 6.0.

Speakers: JoAnn Kern, Senior Manager, Baker Hughes

Allison Woodford, Senior Principal, Infosys Consulting
Date:May 6, 2008
Time:12:15 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. EST
Location:Partner Theater

ASUG conference

Americas' SAP Users Group (ASUG) Annual Conference, is an educational event that shares the venue, schedule, and audience of SAPPHIRE Orlando. At this conference, speaker sessions on specific SAP solutions will be conducted by Infosys SAP consultants, to offer insights into making your organization more competitive.

Repetitive Manufacturing in semiconductor industry

Find out how SAP's Repetitive Manufacturing module handles operation and product cost control in semiconductor chip manufacturing.

Self-billing for the auto industry: A practitioner's perspective

Learn how to set up the SAP self-billing process, and the key process and design considerations of the SAP self-billing solution.

Key considerations for e-Pedigree implementation

Learn about the technologies to be used for e-Pedigree implementation, with SAP as the ERP package, and also about the key considerations in successful implementation of the e-Pedigree solution.