Procurement platform with SAP: Stop spending time on transactions, start making strategic savings

Are you looking for an integrated solution for managing the non-core business functions of your organization? Learn about a platform-based offering that provides best-in-class processes in the procurement domain enabled by an integrated application suite with ERP at its core business platform enables customers to adopt best-in-class processes with minimum change management effort. This will enable your organization to shift focus from transaction management to strategic, transformational initiatives.

Did you know that companies operate at less than two percent of their spend with fewer than 100 FTE per billion dollar spend?

According to a leading analyst, Procurement Outsourcing can deliver huge savings compared to other functional areas. It can impact savings from the cost of operations and manage the spend more efficiently. Our experience suggests that companies can realize savings in the range of 5% – 15% of their overall non-core spend; depending on the maturity of the procurement processes and systems. The benefits include:

  • Better Spend Management through process standardization and technology leverage
  • "Pay-as-you-go-pricing" model converts fixed costs to variable costs
  • Lower TCO due to a platform-based approach
  • Technology enablement achieved with extensive in-house technology process expertise applied for the Source-to-Pay process
  • Simplicity, scalability and flexibility of the business function

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Nitin Vishwakarma Consultant, Infosys Business Platforms, Infosys Tech. Ltd.
Nitin Vishwakarma

Consultant, Infosys Business Platforms, Infosys

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