Standardization vs flexibility in SAP: Who should win?

Does your organization have complex, non-standard, and inflexible business processes that are limited by underlying SAP systems? Learn about moving to an SAP landscape that allows standardization while maintaining regional innovations and a flexibility to accommodate both internal and external organizational changes. Having the ‘right information’ at the ‘right time’ across the extended value chain through SAP-led business process harmonization will help your organization become more competitive, innovate faster, and increase operational efficiency.

Global companies have expanded as their businesses have grown in size and scale. They have spread geographically and acquired multiple businesses, which have resulted in multiple systems and processes. The complex scenario of processes and systems has contributed more to costs than provided flexibility to adapt to the dynamic market.

Today, business processes are inseparable from the systems that support them. It is imperative to achieve a certain level of homogeneity of processes and the systems that support them across geographies and if possible, business units. It enables businesses to:

  • Adapt flexibly to change
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase response times
SAP-led Business Process Harmonization

Experts at Infosys look forward to meeting you at SAPPHIRE 2008. Get their perspectives on how businesses have implemented SAP as their transaction processing engine and achieved harmonization in terms of:

  • Template creation and maintenance
  • Roll out of templates
  • Key challenges for harmonization
  • System consolidation
  • Significance of master data management to transactional processing and analytics


Ravi Hossur elaborates on Business Process Harmonization and the need for change in globalization

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About the experts

Santosh Jamadagni
Santosh Jamadagni

Integration Manager, SAP Practice, Infosys Ltd.

Ravi Hossur
Ravi Hossur

Principal Consultant, SAP Practice, Infosys Ltd.

Eric Rich
Eric Rich

Infosys Ltd.

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