What is your ROI on integration investments?

Do growing integration costs bother you? Do you feel the integration investments are not giving you the best returns? Are you looking for the right strategy for your organization to adopt SOA? With a strong SAP specialization group and dedicated integration practice, we can address your requirements with solutions including our e-SOA adoption kit, Integration Competency Center (ICC), and XY2XI Migration.

Companies have invested heavily on business integration, both for internal applications and external trading partner integration. From point-to-point and non-standard data integration, companies have moved to specialized integration products and adopted standard processes for their integration delivery and maintenance. However, they need to address growing integration costs, a complex integration infrastructure to maintain, along with tight coupling of the existing EAI/B2B products.

As adoption of BPM and SOA becomes widespread to move to a flexible and more de-coupled IT environment, companies must evaluate their existing integration infrastructure to define the future direction, with ROI and overall cost being the key drivers in decision-making.

SAP's NetWeaver Process Integration is a robust product offering that addresses SOA-based process integration requirements.

Integration Intelligence is the collective maturity of an enterprise's technology, processes, and people assets. Put together, they harness the potential of the invested integration capabilities.


Ashish Tewary elaborates on ROI on integration investments.

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Dr. Ashish Kumar Tewary
Dr. Ashish Kumar Tewary

Principal Consultant, SAP Practice, Infosys. Ltd.

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Arup Raha
Arup Raha

US Sales Head, BPM-EAI Practice, Infosys. Ltd.

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Chandan Govindarajulu
Chandan Govindarajulu

Principal Consultant, EAI Practice, Infosys. Ltd.

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