Our comprehensive service offerings cover all phases of product transformations based on S/4HANA Enterprise Management, S/4HANA Finance, and Central Finance. We also provide flexibility to organizations to pick part of the service offerings, depending on their needs, as given below:

Business case and value assessment

Our value assessment service offering provides the following:

  • Leverages powerful toolsets and covers all tenets of IT-business process infrastructure, enabling you to do a detailed assessment of business processes (up to L3 / L4) and determine what value S/4HANA will potentially deliver for your business
  • Identifies how S/4HANA can benefit your organization and provides a roadmap in a structured manner. It also provides a five-step approach to identify potential areas for value realization through S/4HANA, business case definition, and project setup
  • Leverages our powerful proprietary toolsets such as Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ and Infosys HANA Code Migration and Optimization (CMO), to provide an accurate estimation of effort required to remediate the impact of custom code and percentage of code that can be automatically remediated using our tool, thereby ensuring that your project plan is accurate and risk-proofed up to 95 percent
  • Functional assessment accelerators like Infosys S/4HANA Assessment Tool and Business Profiler that automate tasks and analysis to minimize assessment timeframe by up to three weeks, while reducing the dependency of having our consultants at client location
  • Data-driven approach to identify business process similarities and differences across multiple lines of businesses / divisions. We objectively map those processes on a quadrant of process maturity to evaluate and prescribe process governance mechanisms. This enables us to create diverse options for solution architecture with S/4HANA and recommend the right fit for your business situation
  • Value Realization Model (VRM) to conduct a value scan and identify business benefits that will lead into a value diagram and business case. We help you develop a business case based on quantifiable business outcomes and KPIs that highlights business benefits, costs, and risks for each option

Adoption strategy and roadmap

Different SAP S/4HANA products come with various versions, deployment options, and jargons. As a result, organizations are confused about choosing an option that best fits their business needs. Also, they are unsure about business benefits, risks, and costs for each option. Our adoption strategy and roadmap offering helps you in choosing the right S/4HANA product (S/4HANA Finance, S/4HANA Enterprise Management, S/4 HANA Public Cloud Version Vs. S/4 HANA On-premise, etc.) and the right deployment approach (greenfield, brownfield, system conversion, Central Finance, etc.) for a least disruptive adoption of S/4HANA. We also provide evaluation of different implementation options with pros and cons, based on business context along with costs and risks. With this offering, we help you define a best fit IT and process architecture roadmap, enabled by S/4HANA with the most significant, technology-enabled objectives / milestones; needed to achieve your strategic business goals and priorities.

Use case-based proof of concept (PoC)

Infosys also encourages clients to experience the S/4HANA system and associated business benefits by doing a rapid proof of concept. Use cases for PoC may be arrived after assessment, or during the value discovery workshop to support the business case. Rapid PoC or prototyping can be done, by leveraging our internal HANA lab or cloud-based infrastructure of our hardware partners together with Infosys Catalyst for SAP S/4 HANA® which is a pre-configured solution developed for various industries based on a combination of SAP S/4HANA and Industry-specific best practices. With our use case-based PoC offering, you can reduce the overall time and cost of design of the project by up to 20 percent. With this service offering, you can realize critical business processes through S/4HANA to demonstrate value to your business and strengthen the business case. Also, with this offering you can validate whether specific processes or investment functions function as desired (e.g. custom development) in S/4HANA system.

We also offer the option to try SAP S/4HANA before you buy it. By setting up S/4HANA system for select complex business scenarios, we demonstrate how the business process will work with your data. This demonstration is done on our infrastructure at zero cost for you in terms of hardware or license investments.

Greenfield and hybrid implementation

Our greenfield and hybrid implementation offering is based on our proprietary IDEA-Activate methodology, aligned with SAP’s Activate methodology which has been introduced as SAP’s methodology for all S/4HANA projects

IDEA (Insight, Design, Execute, Achieve) Activate Methodology

IDEA-Activate methodology, together with our industrialized delivery model, provides the structure and efficiencies required to deliver, deploy, and maintain the solution on time, on budget, and with quality. It combines our own extensive best practices from various global business transformation projects with the standards from SAP’s Global ASAP, Activate, Process Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI), and Six Sigma. Combining both waterfall and agile approaches, it enables fast benefit realization, while conducting the project in a controlled manner.

In addition to IDEA-Activate our rich proprietary toolset comprising of below tools, can reduce your implementation efforts by up to 20 percent and accelerate your S/4HANA adoption journey for a faster ROI and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • Infosys Catalyst for SAP S/4HANA® for various industries like consumer goods, life sciences, chemical manufacturers, utilities, oilfield services, fashion industry, based on a combination of Industry specific and SAP S/4HANA Best Practices.
  • Infosys HANA CMO tool for custom code remediation and optimization
  • Panaya CloudQuality Suite™
  • Data migration toolset to accelerate migration and cutover with reduced risk

S/4HANA Central Finance

Our S/4HANA Central Finance offerings help organizations with complex, heterogeneous, finance landscapes to integrate reporting with optimized data models for quick wins. It also sets the foundation for harmonization of finance processes in a central instance and helps clients reduce high finance costs with efficient use of shared accounting services model. We have invested substantially in developing the following solutions and tools to help clients get maximum value out of S/4HANA Central Finance:

  • A unique solution to protect your SAP Special Purpose Ledger investments, by real time replication to universal journal which is currently not supported out of the box
  • Current out-of-the-box SAP solution lacks sophisticated monitoring and reconciliation tools. We have developed business and technical reconciliation tools, which enable you to monitor and reconcile data across systems with enriched user experience for improved auditability and traceability of finance data

Suite on HANA migration

For customers who want to leverage the power of HANA database for improved performance and also set the technical foundation for adoption of S/4HANA in future, we offer the Suite on HANA (SOH) migration offering. With our offering for Suite to SAP HANA: Migration-in-a-box, we deliver customer specific recommendations based on Infosys VRM (Value Realization Method) framework and implement HANA database solutions to enable real-time decision making systems. With our proprietary tools and accelerators like HANA CMO, Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ and Database Migration Option (DMO) Runbook, we can automate the custom code impact assessment and remediation in SOH migration to reduce the overall code migration duration estimated up to 50 percent and efforts estimated in the range of 50 to 70 percent. We have an established and proven HANA migration factory model that includes HANA specialists, teams with experience in multiple HANA migration projects, and a comprehensive toolset to provide scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in SOH migration programs.

SAP ECC to S/4HANA System Conversion

For clients with a single instance of ERP Central Component (ECC) landscape, and relatively mature business processes, looking to adopt a least disruptive approach to S/4HANA adoption, we offer the system conversion service offering from ECC to S/4HANA Finance or S/4HANA Enterprise Management (EM). Our system conversion offering is also based on our Insight-Design-Execute-Achieve (IDEA) Activate methodology, with work packages that enable rapid prototypes, accelerated builds, optimized testing, accelerated migrations, rapid deployments, and safeguards. Our technical and functional proprietary tools below help accelerate the system conversion, while mitigating the risks and reducing costs by up to 20 percent:

  • Panaya CloudQuality Suite™ for faster assessment of an upgrade’s impact on standard and custom code
  • HANA CMO for automated custom code impact assessment, remediation, and optimization
  • Functional tools for accelerated transition from costing-based controlling and profitability analysis (COPA) to account-based COPA
  • S/4HANA Finance reconciliation accelerators to compare balances before and after conversion, for improved auditability and compliance

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