Infosys S/4HANA Adoption Framework

Infosys S/4HANA Adoption Framework (ISAF) is a comprehensive platform for quantifiable value discovery and easier and quicker deployment of S/4HANA.

Key features of this framework are:

  • Addresses unique requirements of new implementations (greenfield) as well as old system conversions (brownfield)
  • Holistic and tailor-made assessment approach to assess impact and deliver results on all fronts of strategy, functional, technical, architecture, and infrastructure
  • Standardized approach to arrive at business use cases and case creation for S/4HANA
  • Specific tools and accelerators for value discovery, preparation, and actual deployment stages to mitigate potential challenges and risks
  • IDEA methodology which has at its core SAP’s ASAP methodology and has been aligned with SAP's Activate methodology for S/4HANA implementations. It enables rapid prototyping and accelerated build to continually deliver outcomes with Infosys best practices

Our key differentiators and accelerators

  • Robust, proprietary toolset for faster time to value and reduced costs
    • Infosys HANA CMO tool to accelerate custom code migration and optimization by 50 percent, while automating up to 85 percent of impacted custom code
    • Panaya CloudQuality SuiteTM for impact analysis of upgrades to reduce risks and efforts Functional assessment accelerators like Infosys S/4HANA Assessment Tool and Business Profiler that automate tasks and analysis to minimize assessment timeframe by up to three weeks, while reducing the dependency on our consultants at client location
    • SAP Central Finance reconciliation tools for improved auditability and traceability
    • S/4HANA Finance tools like Account Based COPA Designer (ABCD) to accelerate transition from costing based COPA to account based COPA
    • Accelerated deployment of Fiori apps with our Instant Fiori tool
  • Infosys Catalyst for SAP S/4HANA® which is a pre-configured solution developed for various industries, based on a combination of Industry specific and SAP S/4HANA Best Practices, to speed up the design phase by up to 20 percent for rapid deployment
  • Partnership with cloud hardware providers (Amazon Web Services, Virtustream, Hitachi, etc.) to provide platform flexibility for clients
  • Vast pool of trained and certified S/4HANA consultants along with a dedicated, internal HANA lab for PoCs
  • Dedicated S/4HANA Centre of Excellence (CoE) with focus on building capabilities, creating differentiators, and advising clients about next-generation SAP offerings

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