Video Testimonials

Bristow and Infosys: Driving digital transformation

Client: Bristow Group
Industry: Oil and Gas
In this video, executives from Bristow talk about their company’s legacy system, challenges they faced and the need for digital transformation. They also speak about how Infosys has enabled Bristow to develop an effective strategy and implement solutions that have added value to the company.

FTS International partners with Infosys in its business transformation journey

Client: FTS International
Industry: Oil and Gas
In this video, executives from FTS International talk about their company’s legacy systems, challenges and the need for a business transformation program. Infosys partnered with FTSI, playing a huge role in how they achieved value and desired outcomes from the transformation program.

Global SAP-led ERP transformation at Energizer Holdings

Client: Energizer Holdings Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
Scott Gracious, ADM Director – IT, talks about how Energizer wanted Infosys on their global business transformation journey. SAP solutions from Infosys ensured efficiency and effectiveness in business operations. Project Optimus was aimed at implementing an integrated ERP system using SAP, thus helping align Energizer’s manufacturing facilities across the globe.

Business transformation at Energizer with SAP solutions

Client: Energizer Holdings Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
Mike Mormile, IT Director at Energizer, talks about how Infosys helped them with a cross-functional project by implementing SAP solutions in areas such as quality management and process integration. Infosys also provided assistance in communication support and organizational change management that helped with training and communication for the entire program.

Innovating Global Application Maintenance and Support at Vale

Client: Vale S.A.
Industry: Mining
Listen to Gustavo Vieira, Head – Global IT Services, Vale S.A. talk about Vales’ strategic partnership with Infosys and why the company chose Infosys as their key partner in application maintenance of mission-critical systems such as SAP, enterprise resource planning (ERP), plant production, enterprise data warehouse (EDW), business intelligence (BI), and other important IT systems.

AB InBev deploys a global ERP platform to standardize operations

Client: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
AB InBev, global brewer and one of the world’s top five consumer products companies, chooses Infosys for its Global ERP implementation. Here, Gustavo Pimenta – Vice President IBS – Western Europe from AB InBev highlights the important role played by Infosys in this journey.

PepsiCo partners with Infosys for SAP expansion in Latin America

Client: PepsiCo
Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
Jose Cota, SAP Sustain and Continuous Improvement Director at PepsiCo Latin America, relates how Infosys evolved from delivering traditional support models to building multi-component and multi-player strategies that provide standardized support.

Flying high on analytics

Client: Bell Helicopter
Industry: Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing
Matthew Cordner, Director, Business Process Integration, Bell Helicopter, talks about the importance of maximizing business value in IT engagements and explains how Bell Helicopter partnered with Infosys to put in place the required universes, data, tools and analytical capabilities to deliver this.

Infosys helps BorgWarner Seneca with a successful SAP implementation

Todd Bennington, Vice President – Operations, BorgWarner Torque Transfer Systems, and Randy Stephens, Controller, BorgWarner Seneca, South Carolina, talk about their experience of working with Infosys.

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