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Infosys developed a single, comprehensive SAP based solution that merged DaimlerChrysler's disparate processes and IT systems for greater efficiency, offering flexibility to manage global and regional changes in the business process.

The Client

DaimlerChrysler is a global leader in the luxury automobiles industry with reputed brands like Mercedes-Benz and Maybach.

Business Need

The supply chain between the DaimlerChrysler factories and their customers is fairly complex. The company had implemented processes across the value chain - including its factories, wholesale centers, retail outlets and service centers - that had been fined-tuned to the point where it could deliver vehicles to the exact specifications of customers anywhere in the world, on time. With markets being autonomous and having disparate systems, integrating them and managing logistics was getting increasingly difficult.

DaimlerChrysler needed to merge processes and disparate IT systems into a single solution across geographies and markets.


The business blueprint had to encompass all the common processes while incorporating global best practices. Flexibility had to be built into the model with respect to possible global and regional changes in the business processes.

It was equally important for the model to be a comprehensive fit into the business solution.

Our Solution

Working closely with DaimlerChrysler in the Asia Pacific & Africa regions, Infosys prepared the business blueprint. The template based solution using SAP that Infosys offered was implemented across the region, including Japan, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and China (ongoing) among others. The project's success in the Asia Pacific & Africa was a catalyst to take the Infosys engagement with DC to a higher platform. As a result, similar template solution methodologies are being adopted in Europe.

The Europe template, developed on the basis of the pilot implementation in The Netherlands, was subsequently deployed to Denmark and Sweden and will soon cover other European nations.

To allow rapid business changes and reusability, Infosys developed several tools and processes to manage the rollout program. Focus was on synchronization to keep the templates consistent.

With the success of the Europe template Infosys is now rolling out the Finance template across Europe.


The template solution for DaimlerChrysler enables dealers to select options and fittings and calculate vehicle prices at the preliminary order level. This change brought a new dimension to the vehicle ordering value chain. The solution, which provides comprehensive tracking of vehicles, is tightly integrated with factory master data supply and dealer orders are checked online and updated in the factory system.

Specific country regulatory requirements are complied with -- e.g. European Commission rules, Australian compliance plate regulation, and customs regulations of various countries.

With diverse experience across cultures, languages and time-zones, Infosys has established itself as a strategic vendor for mission-critical projects at DaimlerChrysler.

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