Value Proposition

SAP alliance

Infosys, an SAP global services partner, has been working in collaboration with the SAP products and solution organization over the past few quarters on integration and acceptance testing, as well as on defining, implementing and testing of end-to-end business processes. With this global partnership, our customers benefit from bolstered implementation services, enhanced solution delivery and increased global reach.

We are

  • SAP-certified in solution implementation using the Run SAP methodology. Infosys offers services on Run SAP-based methodology to its clients. Run SAP is a proven methodology to optimize implementation, roll-out, upgrade, and ongoing application management of end-to-end solution operations, to reduce the total cost of operations throughout the solution lifecycle
  • SAP-certified in application management services. This certification recognizes our ability to deliver application management services with high quality service operations based on SAP technology
  • SAP's Ramp Up Partner for NetWeaver. We were awarded SAP top NetWeaver partner in Asia Pacific in February 2005
  • SAP's preferred system integrator for MDM Implementation
  • Our ‘RFID Integration Platform’ has been certified by SAP under ICC*
  • We are SAP's preferred RFID Implementation Partner for the CPG and Aerospace industries
  • a Charter Partner of the ESA community** launched in April 2006
  • a Technology Adoption Partner for Duet
  • developing industry-specific solutions on PLM and RFID in collaboration with SAP

*ICC – Integration and Certification Center
**SAP Enterprise Services Architecture Community – a collaborative, cross-industry program enabling partners and customers to define the way software is developed and deployed to solve evolving business requirements.

Infosys and SAP: A value added partnership

The Infosys-SAP alliance:

  • Allows customers to focus on their strategic business needs
  • Enables customers to leverage best-in-class SAP functionalities
  • Delivers substantial cost savings

Write to infosys@infosys.com to know more about how the SAP Infosys alliance can make your business more competitive.

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