Looking at a future with EDF Energy

Client: EDF Energy

Industry: Utilities

EDF Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the UK, supplying around 6 million residential and business accounts with electricity / gas. The company produces around one-fifth (20 percent) of the nation’s electricity, making them the largest supplier by volume.

A few years ago, EDF Energy purchased British Energy. The client wanted to integrate the IT organizations of both companies to improve service and reduce the cost to serve. The client chose to partner with Infosys in this journey.

In this video, Olliver Lawrence – Head of Business Services, EDF Energy, highlights the cultural fit between his organization and Infosys. He also commends the company’s focus on delivering superior business outcome. He further adds that his organization would like to utilize Infosys investments in innovation, going forward.

Watch what Kelvin Wing – IT Operations Director, EDF Energy, has to say about partnership with Infosys.