Infosys fuels transformation at Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.

In this video, David Jackson, the Division Information Officer for Dealer Field and Affiliate Division, Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. talks about how Infosys helped re-engineer the Dealer Daily system at Toyota. The system is an integral part of the selling cycle and is used by Toyota dealers across the US and Mexico to transact business every day.

David commends the innovativeness that Infosys displayed, its willingness to look at things differently and ability to test new technologies. Toyota considers Infosys as a leading-edge, potential partner with expertise in the automotive area and strong engineering skills. This is the main reason why Infosys was chosen as their preferred partner.

The system that Infosys created was intuitive and fun to work with, and in some instances, did not require trainers to be present at the dealership. David believes that a relationship such as this can be truly successful when there is mutual respect, truth, and transparency.

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