Innovation Fund

How We Work with Start-ups

The Innovation Fund helps start-ups by providing early-stage capital, mentorship, product validation, customer introductions and go-to-market scale. For many of the start-ups that approach us, these advantages, particularly mentorship and customer introductions are the most significant reasons to partner with Infosys. The Innovation Fund offers a great deal more than capital; and for start-ups that are post-seed and post-product, having a strong go-to-market partner is extremely valuable.

The Innovation Fund’s strategic goals include identifying start-ups that can transform and grow our core services, help us expand into new areas, or are able to identify disruptive new business models. Identifying innovative start-ups and introducing them to our clients helps deepen the relationship we have with customers and provides long-term value.

Clients look to Infosys to work with them to evaluate exciting new start-ups’ technology, build larger solutions around the start-up technology, and ensure successful deployment and end-user acceptance.

During the investment and diligence process, we involve our business units early on to provide feedback on the technology and viability of the solution being built. We also involve go-to-market specialists who have deep experience in designing new business models, pricing and marketing strategies. The Innovation Fund team also assesses the quality of the executive/founding team and their ability to execute to their operational plan.

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