The Infosys Accelerated Deployment of Order Management Solution (ACCORD) is an automated testing solution which encapsulates our test automation experience. It accelerates the deployment of business applications by automating test case generation and test case execution. ACCORD provides a comprehensive testing framework for SOA-based applications. ACCORD’s application-level testing approach is ideally suited for situations where there are limitations in conventional UI-based automation approaches. It also complements such approaches to enhance test coverage.

ACCORD’s approach

ACCORD’s approach

ACCORD offers a structured, modular and comprehensive test automation approach for software applications:

  • Functional decomposition of system transactions
  • Intelligent combinatorial algorithm for optimization
  • Execution of test cases against the core server-side application

ACCORD has been successfully deployed to automate testing in applications that require

multiple touch points in their disparate components, such as real-time transaction processing systems, messaging middleware, databases, scripts, etc. ACCORD has out-of-the-box adapters for common data formats (FIX, XML, and some mainframe data types), several messaging systems, J2EE-based systems, web services and databases. It can also be integrated with Test Management tools such as Test Director.

ACCORD's Features and Functional Components

Test Automation

Technology Supported

The Infosys ACCORD Advantage

Infosys provides a wide range of services to ensure a smooth rollout of ACCORD. We leverage our repository of global skills, resources and experience across a wide spectrum of technologies, functional domains, products and services to provide superior value.

Services offered


Infosys leverages rich implementation experience and global best practices to formulate a tailor-made implementation methodology. Our proven and structured methodology ensures successful fast-track implementation of ACCORD. It has evolved from our cumulative implementation experience and it continues to be enriched.

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Infosys offers courses designed to suit a wide range of training requirements of our customers. These courses are targeted at the core testing team (responsible for using ACCORD). We have a separate course for technical developers (for implementing ACCORD).

ACCORD training programs empower the customer to:

  1. Train the end user
  2. Contribute to effective business process definition
  3. Build and develop internal competencies
  4. Handle first-level support

A combination of hands-on training and classroom sessions ensures effective knowledge transfer. The training follows the "train the trainer" philosophy. Our world-class training facilities are supported by the latest technology and equipped with conference rooms and class rooms to meet our customers' requirements. Remote learning is enabled through effective use of technology.

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Learn more about the ACCORD Training Agenda


Timely support is crucial to the success of any project. Infosys ACCORD customers have access to reliable technical support. We guarantee swift response to issues through our Global Support Center.

The Infosys ACCORD support center provides remote support (through telephone and email) for problem resolution, leveraging existing repositories or through expert counseling. A learning database forms the central part of the Global Support Center. It has several features such as customer query capture, track and closure mechanism and a powerful search facility.

Infosys provides support for ACCORD with the following facilities:

  1. Support for the default configuration
  2. Upgrades and patches for the duration of the contract
  3. Electronic mail-based support with call back
  4. 16*5 IST telephonic support
  5. Access to published documents viz. release notes, etc.
Support Methodology

Customer calls originating from various channels are logged into ACCORD's Global Support Center database. A severity level is assigned and Call ID generated for future reference and tracking. Fault analysis and resolution are as per standard SLAs.

Infosys will provide to Licensee the phone numbers of the ACCORD helpdesk to contact, when problems that require immediate assistance are encountered during regular service hours.

Regular service hours for the Customer Support Center are:

  • 8:00 m to 12:00 midnight (Indian Standard Time)
  • Monday through Friday (working days as per Infosys’ calendar)
Working HoursStart of Day (SOD)End of Day (EOD)
Support team Working Hours (IST)08:00:0000:00:00
Customer Business Hours
(Respective time zones)
IST Equivalent
Time Daylight Time Standard Time
SODEODOverlap (Hrs)SODEODOverlap (Hrs)
US Eastern22:3014:306.521:3013:305.5
US Central21:3013:305.520:3012:304.5
US Mountain20:3012:304.519:3011:303.5
US Pacific19:3011:303.518:3010:302.5

Note: The timings mentioned are subject to change without notice

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