Telco improves agility and saves cost through agile planning

A global telecommunications retailer wanted to accelerate the release of product features within its Oracle-based program that was being used to reduce cost and improve on-shelf product availability.

Solution highlights

Infosys leveraged best-in-class products and agile ways of working to deliver on-demand environment provisioning, test automation and an automated CI/CD pipeline, thereby reducing turnaround time, increasing throughput and improving test coverage and quality with:

  • Agile way of working: The team was enabled on Agile way of working, with key Agile practices being orchestrated using Confluence & JIRA
  • Value stream analysis: To visualize and map out the end-to-end IT value chain and identify opportunities to optimize cycle time and increase throughput
  • Virtual environment provisioning: Environments were provisioned on-demand with a faster turnaround time by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • CI/CD pipeline: A fully automated build and deployment pipeline was created using Jenkins (Build), Stash (Version Control) and Nexus (Artefact Repository) with a dashboard providing visibility to all stakeholders
  • Test automation: Selenium was leveraged for test automation (on Cloud using SauceLabs) and integrated to CI-CD pipeline, thus improving test coverage and quality

Business value

The Infosys solution enabled faster delivery of product features, delivered cost savings of €250,000, improved business agility by reducing cycle time by 66% and environment provisioning time by 97%.

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