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Infosys helps you spot the biggest opportunities ahead and to clearly articulate problems in your IT and process landscape that’s preventing the business from achieving its goals. We then help you solve them in a rapid, iterative, innovative and differentiated manner using Design Thinking and our maturity models. Design Thinking facilitates empathy-building and collaboration between business and IT organizations, development and operations, and between users and providers. The Agile and DevOps maturity models help analyze the current state, prioritize and create the roadmap for the target state.

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With Infosys you get the benefits of integrating Agile and DevOps to amplify value. This brings about alignment between business and IT, while also bringing a deep focus to alignment of development, quality assurance (QA) and operations. Ensuring that both Agile and DevOps work seamlessly at enterprise-scale.

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As part of our people+software delivery model, we bring with our services, the advantage of Infosys DevOps Platform complemented by AI-driven insights presented through a unified metrics dashboard catering to persona-based views. We also have our ready to use plugins, utilities, reference CI-CD pipeline, an agile ecosystem and a robust partner network that help accelerate realization of business outcomes, faster. This in turn, amplifies the potential of your people to ‘get it right the first time’, learn and recover quickly from failure, create high-productivity workflows and drive rapid innovation.

Count on our integrated services from advisory to transformation and execution to help you navigate the Agile and DevOps lifecycle.

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Why Infosys

Only Infosys brings you the AutomationInnovationLearning advantage with:

  • Infosys DevOps Platform: Brings the power of software to automate the work your people already do. It helps jump-start and accelerate the clients’ DevOps adoption. When complimented with AI, it provides critical insights to further boost the productivity of people. Bringing all the key DevOps practices and related tooling in one central platform, it caters to different technologies, acting as a great accelerator.
  • Infosys Design Thinking-led approach: The empathy based approach to drive collaboration between business and IT enables drive enterprise agility across the IT Value Chain. Viewing Agile and DevOps adoption in an integrated way maximizes the gains.
  • Infosys Center of Excellence: Brings relevant experience and learning from our rich Agile and DevOps ecosystem use cases and scenarios based on the work working with clients across business domains and technologies, also playing a crucial role in setting up Agile and DevOps ecosystem for clients along related workspaces. Our CoE also play a crucial role in bringing the right solutions to clients where technology landscape is complex from co-existence of old and new technologies, amplifies ongoing projects with continuous learning from new, complex implementations, use cases and evolving practices. Our engineers are constantly working on integrating and improving ready-to-use plugins and pipelines, to bring to your project the advantage of the latest in technology and tooling.

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