Infosys DevOps platform (IDP)

Infosys DevOps platform (IDP)

Centralized. Simplified. Automated. De-skilled.

Infosys DevOps Platform is a centralized, web based platform for continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous testing (CT).
How does it benefit clients?

  • Jump start and accelerate with pre-built pipelines
  • Leverage standard open-source technology and practices
  • Enterprise ready – deploy at scale through a self-service model
  • Comprehensive life cycle – support CI-CD-CT with a unified DevOps dashboard

Infosys DevOps Platform integrates with over 60 standard tools across the software life cycle, supports more than 20 technologies and enables persona based metrics dashboards for all stakeholders. It is available on cloud as well as on premise for every step in the DevOps pipeline.

Infosys DevOps Platform:

  • Can be hosted on cloud or on-premise
  • Provides a unified DevOps dashboard for teams to integrate easily with their DevOps toolkits, track progress, and view execution status across the continuous delivery pipeline
  • Enables infrastructure as code
  • Provides intuitive user interface
  • Integrates with Infosys Nia AI platform or pre-existing AI platform
  • Encourages DevOps culture
Infosys DevOps Unified Dashboard

Agile & DevOps Frameworks and Accelerators

Realize business outcomes faster.

  • IT Process Enabler (ITPE): Infosys has developed a rapid agile adoption solution which is a packaged, ready to deploy process repository. It helps in quickly setting up/standardizing the process framework for an IT organization, provides a structured set of processes and process aids covering all aspects of the project lifecycle - from inception to implementation and support.
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment framework: A comprehensive assessment with dimensions across Plan, Build and Run of IT, also considering people, practices, process, tools and engineering maturity, also including ‘Value Stream Mapping’ exercise. The maturity model defines different characteristic and behavior at Crawl, Walk, Run and print stages. The assessment also produces the ‘DORA DevOps Scorecard’ for customers to measure and benchmark overall technology performance against industry data.
  • DevOps Suitability Matrix: A 2x2 decision support framework with dimension of business desirability, technical feasibility and economic viability of programs. It helps in prioritizing and planning applications/programs that need to be transformed.
  • Agile and DevOps Labs: Infosys has established labs across its various development centers. These labs are fully equipped to scale up Infosys Agile and DevOps capabilities and the tools expertise. With ready to use software, these labs help Infosys innovate, research and create IPs. In addition to key IP – Infosys DevOps Platform, many ready-to-use pipelines across different technology stacks and plugins developed in these labs are available and are used for accelerating agile and DevOps adoption in the client organizations.

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