Combining our Energy and Knowledge along our Path

Increasing sprawl in the enterprise IT landscape has made it necessary for organizations to redouble efforts to save costs, bring in never-before efficiencies and free up resources to uncover ways to become more relevant to customers. Then there is the challenge of getting a handle on what these new ways to be at zero-distance to customers are. And the urgent need to make purposeful problem-finding second nature to the organization seeking to thrive in a world disrupted by new commerce.

Imagine your enterprise fully capable of intuitive, non-disruptive renewal, and growth. Solving fundamental problems every day, over generations of business change and technological change and, in doing so, continuously evolving in a constant cycle of innovation. Creating exciting, richer experiences. Building innovative business models. And channeling the constant change and instability around in a way that it becomes a strength. Without depending on vendors each time to help manage the change. Without turning off the engine. Without bringing people to a grinding halt. And without the crippling costs. AiKiDo makes that possible. Possible for you to lead the timeless transformation of the timeless enterprise.

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Knowledge-based management and evolution of landscapes

Infosys Ki

A modular service that systematically harvests and curates enterprise knowledge to renew existing technology landscapes, optimize business processes and drive rapid innovation.

Why Infosys Ki?

  • Recover the extensive organizational knowledge, gained over time, deeply embedded within the enterprise
  • Reduce the complexity of multi-generational technology landscapes thereby reducing the cost to sustain it
  • Decouple the slow to change core from the rapidly evolving edge to reduce the time to derive value from innovations
  • Create an open landscape that facilitates rapid prototyping cycles essential to create immersive customer experiences

How of Infosys Ki?

  • Capture knowledge using AI / machine learning
  • Simplify existing applications using cloud technologies
  • Drive operational efficiency using automation
  • Create immersive experiences leveraging APIs
  • Build innovative new applications using DevOps, IoT

What are the benefits of Infosys Ki?

Reduce Cost

  • Lower cost of operations, maintenance and enhancements

Reduce Time to Value

  • Lower mean time between innovations
  • Lower cost of failure (MVP / prototyping)
  • Lower time to value for new products / services

Design Thinking and design-led initiatives

'Do' stands for the path, or the way forward. With this service line, Infosys helps clients find and define their own unique paths using Design Thinking. This is not about 'best practices', or for fitting known solutions to well-understood problems. Rather, it is about identifying and prioritizing the right problems, and solving them in a rapid, iterative, innovative and differentiated manner.

Under the 'Do' service line, we offer three broad service types:

Strategic Design Consulting

  • Kickstarter workshops in Design Thinking
  • User / ethnographic research
  • Problem finding, problem framing and reframing
  • Brainstorming and solution definition
  • 60 / 90 day prototyping sprints
  • System blueprinting and technical architecture development
  • Strategy, ecosystem and commercial frameworks

Building Transformational Digital Experiences

  • Experience design using Design Thinking
  • Design studio / skunkworks for application prototyping
  • Design-led implementations and digital integration services
  • Special labs in IoT, physical / digital interface, collaboration, etc.

Enabling the Future Workforce and Workplace

  • Innovation and Design Thinking training (incl. TTT)
  • Workforce acquisition and integration
  • Workspace design, campus design and sustainable workplaces

Platforms and Platforms as a Service

The Ai platform offerings come in two forms

  • Bundled as part of Ki or Do where the platforms are used to differentiate and accelerate the delivery of those services. In this scenario, the platforms are made available for non-production use for a limited time (Eg. Four weeks as dictated by those offerings).
  • Separately priced as the capabilities identified as part of the Ki or Do are taken into production.

Open Data Platform

Web-scale, elastic data platform based on open source software and commodity hardware

Service Automation Platforms

Service automation platforms leveraging AI and knowledge-based techniques

Mobile Platform

Platform to rapidly build new mobile experiences in the cloud

IoT / Devices Platform

Edge device and data management platform for building smart and connected device applications

API Platform

API definition and management platform in the cloud to renew ERP and other custom applications

Business Platforms

Platforms to automate business processes in areas like customer support, marketing, procurement, finance and e-commerce

Platforms can be offered in one or more of the following form factors

  • Multi-tenant SaaS offering (Public cloud)
  • Infosys managed service in an Infosys data center, or in a AWS or Azure cloud (Private cloud or VPC)
  • Software-only or as a software / hardware converged appliance (On premise)


  • Limited time test drive at no cost
  • Tiered subscription pricing based on one or more usage metrics - number of users, number of nodes, transaction volume, volume of data, etc.

From chaotic energy to focused precision

Together, Ai, Ki and Do, help bring together existing Infosys services to serve strategic priorities of global businesses.

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