West Coast, Best Coast

Rebecca Cohen Perez, Business Analyst at Infosys

My journey with Infosys started May 20th, 2019 in Hartford, CT at a double-A baseball game where the Hartford Yard Goats were playing the Erie Seawolves. This was my first opportunity to meet the majority of the members of my cohort; we were a group of 26, ranging in experience from just recent college graduates to people with years of experience. The 26 of us were embarking on an 8-week journey to become Infosys Associate Business Analysts.

We spent the next two days at the Hartford Hub onboarding and learning more about what was expected of us. After that, we started our five-week training at Trinity College. Our business analyst training started with design thinking- where we learned how to put the customer first and view use cases from the consumers’ point of view. Our training was well-rounded and led by a variety of instructors, Bill Pacheco, who is trained from the Stanford Design Thinking School, Mike Zambruski who is an experienced business analyst, and an assortment of Liberal Arts professors from Trinity. During the five weeks we were exposed and immersed in different ways of thinking about business cases, and a variety of ways of solving them. We practiced our knowledge by reading case studies and working on group projects in order to master the new skills.

The remaining three weeks were spent back at the Hub, where we were split up into different groups- data analytics, Oracle, SAP, and EAIS. However, before starting the more specific trainings, we participated in a hub-wide Hackathon, where we had most of the day to come up with a problem and solution as well as a prototype, and present it to a panel of judges and the rest of the participants. I am proud to say that two of the three prizes were won by members of my cohort. During the eight weeks, some friendships were definitely made and it was sad to say goodbye, as we were all separating to our respective hubs across the country.

It is well known that there is not much to do inside the city of Hartford itself, which is why I took advantage of the weekends and took a couple of adventure trips- one to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and another to northern Vermont. The picture featured was actually taken at a miniature goat farm in Vermont. The scenery was beautiful, and quite a contrast from the usual brown/red mountains in Arizona. Just about a week and a half after we started our training, a group of developers started their training, and it was very interesting to get to know them and hear about what they were covering in their training's.

Once we returned home, we were given a week to settle in, as some of us had to move, and then started reporting to our hubs. I went to the Phoenix office for the first two weeks, before the new Scottsdale office had opened, and now that it has, I could not be more happy- it is so much closer to where I live, and the commute is so much easier. Since I have been here, I have been able to work on continuing my training, as well as participating in the activities in preparation for the inauguration of the hub next month. I am very excited to continue progressing in my career as well as professional development at Infosys.


Rebecca Cohen Perez

Rebecca Cohen Perez is a Business Analyst at Infosys. She has graduated from the Colorado State University.