Very Really Good Training

Brady Tabar, Software Developer at Infosys

When I was hired on at Infosys I was told I’d be doing two months of intensive training. I was initially nervous not knowing what to expect, but I quickly learned that this would be some of the best training I have ever received.

Training started with a meet and greet which was a great way to get to know the people I’d be spending the next two months with. As I got to know my colleagues it put my nerves at ease as they were all very nice and supportive. Although, I was still nervous about the training itself, as I did not have much experience with development, I was worried I would struggle to keep up with the class. So when training started and I realized just how well things were explained, and how easily they made things to understand I was very relieved.

As training continued things gradually got more intense, but they prepared us well. The training did a great job of building off itself and nothing we learned ever felt useless. In the last week of training we broke up into groups and developed an application using everything we had learned in training and it was a perfect way to bring everything together.

As training came to a close I returned home with long lasting friendships and training that prepared me to take on any project. Any advice I can give to anyone about to start training is to make the most of it. Pay attention in class and make sure you are getting everything out of it that you can, it will help you tremendously in future projects!


Brady Tabar

Brady Tabar is a Software Developer at Infosys. He has graduated from the Arizona State University- W.P. Carey school of Business.