If You Love It, Don’t Give Up: Where Determination Meets Diversity

Christina Bezzy, Scrum Master

I’m no stranger to working in male-dominated industries.

Before I joined Infosys, I developed software for my alma mater, Indiana University. Before that, I did database work for a project encouraging students to continue their education. And before that, I helped manage my dad’s muffler shop.

Today I work as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, managing a team of high-achieving programmers working exclusively on managing data for Volvo. It’s because of the sheer level of talent on our team that we can accelerate the development process and take on the client’s most complex issues. It’s an honor to work at such a high degree of excellence that I couldn’t have done anywhere but at Infosys.

If you think you need to fit a stereotype for a career in tech, think again. Read why diversity is increasingly vital for the industry and how, with passion, hard work and a dedicated company behind you, you’ll soon be on the road to success.

“Inclusion means giving credit where credit is due”

Total inclusion, to me, means equal opportunity. It means everyone is treated with respect, regardless of their gender identity or background. Inclusion means giving credit where credit is due. After all, how often is Grace Hopper cited for her contributions to Computer Science? She created the first compiler!

Infosys and the tech industry in general are increasingly aware of their D&I issues. Not only does it tout itself as an inclusive organization – it has processes in place to prove it.

“Hiring more women only makes us better at what we do”

I’m a woman who’s worked just about every job you can think of in tech, and even I can’t really say there’s a formula for success. It’s still a new field with so much potential, which means there are so many places where women can assert themselves and thrive.

Software development is all about the end user, so it only makes sense that having a mixed team from different backgrounds yields a better product. In fact, studies have proven it. When we bring our individual experiences to our work, it translates into real, tangible solutions to our client’s problems. Hiring more women only makes us better at what we do.

“Tech didn’t come easily to me – but I pushed through”

I didn’t get into tech because I wanted to even out the playing field for women. I got into tech because it’s fascinated me ever since I was young. However, once I began studying it as a career, I found that it didn’t come easily to me. Despite my lack of natural aptitude, I pushed through. I became good at it. And as if the odds couldn’t be any more stacked against me, I didn’t earn my undergrad until I was well into my 30’s.

If you love something, don’t give up on it. Through passion, dedication and hard work, there is always a way to create opportunities for yourself. I never imagined that my childhood interest in tech would become my career

It may look like there’s a lack of diversity in STEM now, but as long as there are women who are constantly working toward something they love, seeing more in tech will one day become part of normal working life. Joining a forward-thinking company like Infosys has encouraged me to reach higher in my career every day. Imagine where it could take you?

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Christina Bezzy

Christina is a scrum master at Infosys. She has completed her education from Indiana University Bloomington