Engineering Success: How Training Can Turbo-Charge Your Tech Career and Beyond

Nishma Khan, Full Stack Developer

You could say tech was a big career change for me. I was an environmental scientist before I joined Infosys, but I soon realized that wasn’t really my passion. That’s when I began to explore a role in tech. I’d taken computer science courses at college and internships in IT prior, but I’d never had a ‘proper’ job in the industry.

I researched Infosys and was pleasantly drawn to its learning opportunities, including a campus dedicated to training. I knew I needed to increase my knowledge to really succeed; it seemed great that a company offered this for its new recruits.

Now I’m a software engineer and I couldn’t be happier. The training taught me you don’t necessarily need the relevant background to make it in tech. Passion and a willingness to learn are just as important for a successful career. Read how the Infosys training program benefited my career and how it can help fast-track your own move into the industry.

Step by step support

My training consisted of an initial two-month program at Purdue University. It was organized like a regular working day; we would normally attend classes from 8am through to 5pm. We’d spend our time learning various programming languages such as JavaScript, and later taking tests. These are designed to help you more than anything – the tutors very much encourage you to do well.

I learned a lot in those two months of training. It was challenging but it taught me a lot more than what I’d studied on my own. Help continues until you’re put on an official project, so even if you feel you’re lacking in a certain subject there are always people at hand to get you up to speed.

Close working friendships

I really enjoyed the training period. You not only gain expert knowledge but lifelong friends, too. It largely reflected a college set-up, whereby we lived and studied together.

When you train in a ‘batch’, you naturally do things as a group. Our activities have ranged from going to lunch to bowling and watching movies; they almost become like family. The office environment itself is also young and friendly, which makes coming to work even better!

Training for the real world

Although my initial training period was two months, at Infosys you never stop learning. Right now I’m based in Chicago as a project business analyst. It’s a great real-world experience for me – I’m navigating how the business works, as well as understanding how to converse with a wide-range of people.

This is also reflective of the diverse opportunities Infosys provides. You get a lot of career autonomy; I’m able to choose the projects, roles and work streams I’m most interested in. Besides the job variety, there are always lots of events going on in the building, whether it’s a visit from the Vice President or companies teaching us about new technologies.

Joining a company willing to foster my career from the ground up is something I’d recommend to anyone seriously considering working in tech. I’ve already achieved more than I thought possible at Infosys – imagine where it could take you?

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Nishma Khan

Nishma Khan works as a full stack developer with Infosys. She has completed her education from Texas A&M University.