What can Infosys do for you

Nishma Khan, Full Stack Developer

Infosys lets me be my own boss

What did Infosys do for me? It gave me a platform to work on what I really wanted to do. At Infosys I feel like I am my own boss. I pick my own projects and work on what I am passionate about with extreme flexibility. I was a part of Infosys Indianapolis hub from when the office was still half-built with us sitting on the temporary chairs as the construction workers worked. This makes me the first of the batches of employees to join the Indy hub. When I say it’s more than a company to me and more like family, I really mean it. The coworkers I had the initial 2-month training with and the managers involved have become in fact, a group of encouraging friendships and mentors.

Being someone from a non-Computer Engineering background, the Indy hub took me in and made me believe I can do anything I set my heart to. The leadership really listens to you and your opinions here. I had set my heart to working as a developer. However, with no Computer Science degree I was becoming discouraged. After the initial training on Full Stack development, I was given the opportunity to learn. I was given the chance to help lead the Indy IOT group and learned hardware technology that I wasn’t even aware could be useful for me. Improving on my resume and finding projects and clients that would lead me to a developer role was something the managers encouraged. With everyone’s hard work, in about a year I can proudly say that I have experience as a Business Analyst, QA tester and now a developer. My dream role.

The other appealing quality about Infosys and the Indy hub is its helpful leadership. They listen to your needs so when I requested a relocation to be close to my family, they made it happen. The managers work hard to fulfill their employees wishes. The office culture is relaxed with buzzing curiosity for innovation and technology advancements.

“If you are someone who wants to get in the technology field working on the latest innovations, with like-minded people in a relaxed environment then the Indy hub is the place to be.”


Nishma Khan, Full Stack Developer

Nishma works as a Full Stack developer with Infosys. She has completed her education from Texas A&M University.