Navigating my Next at the Infosys Hartford Hub

Kenny Odour

When I first joined Infosys as a Technology Analyst in the Hartford Hub one year ago I was not sure what to expect. There is a certain anxiousness one feels when starting a new job, a mixture of excitement and uncertainty but after a year in Hartford, my anxiousness has turned to focus. The highlight of my work is when I get to share my knowledge and experience with our clients and contribute towards excellence both analytically and development-wise within our shared objectives as a project team. The feeling of accomplishment after a hard day’s work encourages me to give my best for tomorrow.

The rewards of my work is what drives me but what makes my work environment so special is the people, the friendships and the opportunities made available based on client needs and internal training programs. After-work events like game nights and cultural celebrations help us connect and grow together.

The Hartford Hub is unique due to its diversity in culture and skillset. We have technologists and business professionals of all different backgrounds all working together to build specialized solutions for big-named clients. While I have brought technology experience into this role, I have grown so much as well. The training programs are regular, of diverse criteria and are market-driven which makes better suited to serve our clients and grow into my career. The Hartford Hub provides a level-playing field for professionals at all levels and this serves as motivation to developers who demonstrate competence in any area of expertise.

Looking back on the past year, I am excited to see how my colleagues and I continue to drive the digital transformations of big business in Hartford. We have set out on big challenges with our clients and we have what it takes to be successful. The future is bright for Infosys in Hartford and I wish all the best as we navigate our next.