Taking a Leap to Navigate My Next

Lauren Modetz Lauren is a business analyst at Infosys. She has over 10 years of experience and completed her education from the University of Detroit.

The last year has been quite a ride to say the least. I took a leap and decided to leave a company I had worked for a little over seven years at. When I first started with Infosys I was working directly with a client offsite. With being on the client site initially I didn’t get to fully experience the Infosys culture at the Raleigh Hub.

Don’t get me wrong I loved working for the client directly at their site. I learned so much and was able to hone in on my agile practices and was given a chance to take my current background and shape it into a new career path. There were many situations and projects that I was thrown into the deep end but who doesn’t like a good challenge? I also met so many amazing people all over the continent that I continue to keep in contact.

When I came off project at the client site I was a little nervous to begin my next adventure with Infosys. I had never worked for a company in this capacity. I assumed I would just be another number at the Raleigh Infosys office. Boy was I completely wrong. When I arrived at the Hub I was welcomed with open arms. The office was very open and bright. Everyone was curious who the new hire was and said hello. I quickly adapted to the new environment and met many people within my first “official” week in the Hub.

Being the busy body that I am it didn’t take me very long to start getting involved with different activities going on within the Hub. I became the official photographer for all client visits & Hub events. With this I coordinate with the marketing department to make sure everything I have captured & edited is properly posted on social media in a timely manner. I often have to travel to external events as well to cover important events that need marketing attention.

I have had the honor to work closely with Hub leaders including Deverre Lierman. I have also been able to meet many Infy leaders including Ravi Kumar & several company Stakeholders throughout the year while taking charge of my career and choosing to be involved with the daily Hub activities. While working closely with Deverre, I feel honored to have been chosen to write a piece covering the Raleigh Hub for the Annual Report.

While working Hub events I have had the pleasure to assist with a local Infosys Foundation event held in Raleigh. We hosted K-12 teachers involved with Computer Science in the Hub for a day to participate in several events/lectures with guest speakers including a panel of our very own Associates. The educators were able to ask a number of questions to our Associates and get major feedback to take back to their classrooms. I continue to work with the Infosys Foundation on various tasks and look forward to future exciting local events.

I have had the privilege to train and inspire Junior Associates & Associates throughout this year. Whether it is running a training course on banking to gear up to be launched on a client project or teaching associates how to schedule a meeting in outlook. Whatever it may be I have been more than willing to help even with the most basic skills necessary to survive and thrive in the “working world”. Today it really feels like I am set to move forward, truly navigate my next.