One Year Later...

Moyosore Akinrinmade Moyosore is an associate at Infosys. She completed her education from The University of Texas at San Antonio

My journey with Infosys started on June 25, 2018. There I was, newly graduated from college, full of dreams, aspirations and excitement, but with these positive emotions also came fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being under under qualified for real world scenarios/projects as I could count the technologies I knew with one hand. Infosys offered me a position despite having just graduated and without any real experience. My fears only grew stronger as it required that I move to a new city no family or friends. Would I succeed at this opportunity, had college prepared me enough?

On the first day, we had a meet and greet where I met these amazingly smart colleagues of mine who went to great colleges. I initially doubted myself and my fears made me feel like a fish out of water, but as the event proceeded I found that everyone was nice and this put me at ease. On the first day of training, I had many mixed feelings, feelings of excitement and fear. I was excited because this was the beginning of my career and I was going to be learning something new, yet I was also scared that I would struggle as my trainer might assume prior knowledge of the technologies. Our trainer then came in and said, “I am going to assume none of you have experience in these technologies, so I am going to train you like that.” That one statement put me at ease and that’s how my journey of lifelong learning started.

The training lasted for 2 months during which I gained knowledge and confidence in the technologies we learned. After my training, I proceeded to learn more technologies using LEX (an online Infosys learning platform) which also increased my knowledge and skills.

A few months later, I got on a project with one of Infosys’ big clients. This gave me the opportunity use my new found skills as well as learn new ones. Here again I had some initial fears, beginning my first project was a big step. It was now time to utilize all the skills I’d spent so much time to learn. Of course, it went well. I was paired with some other associates who I had joined Infosys with. It was nice to go through the experience with others of a common background. My first project was a lot of fun. I got to travel and work with some wonderful people in IT, but as all great things do, it came to an end. During my transition to a new project, I continued my learning with LEX and kept improving myself. I was able to join an instructor led training on various cloud concepts and technologies such as Microsoft Azure. Now I am using all the skills I learnt on a new project. I also got involved in the Infy Women in Tech group where I am one of the organizers of Gurlz Power, a women support group that creates a safe space for women to talk about their experience in the tech industry and receive/give support to other women. We have a lunch every 2 weeks where we go out to restaurants chosen by members of the group. It’s great to be a part of something so powerful, women supporting one another!

In conclusion, I can say that my first year with Infosys has been a success. I have achieved so much more than I ever thought I could in one year. If someone had told me 5 years ago when I was coming into the US that I could ever achieve this much I would have laughed and called them a liar. Yet here I am today, working with great people, turned friends. Making lifelong relationships and most importantly doing what I love most, coding. The Raleigh hub is a home away from home, with these people I feel like family.