Public Sector

Transforming the Public Sector

Looking to transform service quality and the citizen experience? Trying to find solutions to enable end-to-end digital transformation, greater agility, seamless integration of people & technology, and increase your readiness for future technological change?

If you're swamped by the challenges of renewing existing systems, building new capabilities, or taking advantage of the next wave of emerging technologies Infosys can help.

We'll ensure a smooth ride, helping you to navigate the government and technological challenges of today & tomorrow (i.e. artificial intelligence, digital transformation, innovation & knowledge, and legacy modernisation).

Renewing and building future services

Infosys is dedicated to transforming government services to promote greater connectivity with citizens, and assists public sector organisations to face ongoing challenges, with;

  1. Renewing existing systems and processes - to drive efficiency
  2. Building new capabilities - to leverage emerging technologies and improve service delivery (i.e. automation, machine learning, IoT, blockchain & social media tools)

Empowering government and promoting stronger and more positive connections with citizens. Infosys best-in-class software and services will ensure you meet future demands for seamless transactions, real-time solutions, faster speed-to-market, increased transparency, authenticity and optimal security, by;

  • enabling greater access to more accurate data
  • empowering decision makers to be more informed and more confident
  • improving operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction

Proven results in Australia & New Zealand

From the Infosys Parramatta delivery centre (in Sydney’s west) we already deliver a scalable, adaptive and technologically enabled future to more than 6000 NSW public servants.

With mature and dedicated regional capabilities, Infosys has a proven record of successfully developing strong strategic partnerships with public sector agencies across Australia & New Zealand. Our industry-leading expertise, IT infrastructure and services ensure you’ll realise the high service standards citizens expect of a fully digital government.