Case Studies

Insurance organization tunes the performance of its web-based application

The client, a leading insurance organization, used AQC, a web-based application to provide rating and quotation services for its medical, life and dental insurance products. The application had been rolled out in two states and was planned to be rolled out to the rest of the country with a wider range of insurance products.

Major challenges confronting the client were:

  • Poor response time
  • High server utilization in some scenarios

The Performance Engineering team from Infosys assisted the client in overcoming the challenges by:

  • Modeling workload for the AQC application
  • Using analytical techniques, measurements and queuing network models to study performance bottlenecks
  • Studying the design of the application and providing architectural and design remediation measures for the identified bottlenecks

The Infosys QNM-based System Execution Model revealed all the problem areas. In addition, the systematic approach of Infosys uncovered several opportunities for optimization.

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