Case Studies

BI architecture definition for a US financial securities major

The client

The client provides financial security to individuals and businesses by offering world-class insurance products, investment products and services and expert guidance that address the clients' changing needs over a lifetime.

Business needs

  • Lack of timely availability of meaningful and integrated information
  • Need for standardized and structured data for analysis

The challenges

  • Transformation of the data from completely disparate systems
  • Handling data over 1TB

Our solution

Infosys architected and implemented reliable and scalable three-tier business intelligence architecture to extract data from internal and external sources. During the extraction, data was standardized, cleansed, consolidated and restructured for analysis in a business intelligence environment. The solution satisfied the complex analytics and reporting business requirements.

Implementation process

Infosys successfully implemented the solution using:
  • Information discovery and analysis
  • Architecture definition
  • Implementation


  • Quick turnaround from concept to implementation
  • Providing a reliable and scalable architecture to meet the requirements
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