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Enterprise Information Portal

Organizations must address the challenge of proliferation of disparate IT applications. The coexistence of web-based applications, packaged applications and legacy applications creates information silos. Consequently, enterprises need to create a single point of access to information while addressing security, compatibility and availability.

You can achieve these objectives with an Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) – an enterprise-wide presentation tier infrastructure unified with components for presentation, personalization, identity management, search and collaboration, conveying contextual information.

Our pre-defined framework covers the entire portal lifecycle. We help you implement portal solutions to prioritize and manage user expectations, handle governance issues, which will eventually bring order and predictability into your enterprise portal evolution.

Our EIP services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Governance
  • Architecture development
  • Strategic audit
  • Taxonomy consulting
  • Migration strategy and planning
  • User experience design
  • Product evaluation, configuration and customization
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