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IT Managed Services Transformation

In an environment of shrinking IT budgets, it is only natural for ‘keep the lights on’ operations to consume a larger portion of IT budgets without aggressive action to bench the cost curve.

Infosys helps clients bend the cost curve by analyzing their applications and infrastructures, and committing to specific cost reduction targets while improving service levels and business agility.

  • Ticket reduction strategies – Our 'shift-left' approach focuses on avoiding escalations and transfers by empowering front line customer service representatives with the skills and tools they need to solve problems on the first call. Thereby, improving end-user satisfaction, reducing mean time to resolution, and reducing costs. Self-service tools and knowledge bases equip end users with the tools they need to solve their most common problems. We move beyond corrective maintenance to focus on preventive and adoptive maintenance thereby eliminating sources of potential tickets before they crop up.
  • Labor efficiency strategies Automation of repetitive administrative tasks frees up resources capacity to respond to critical issues and improve service levels. As a pioneer of the Global Delivery Model, Infosys understands how to optimize global delivery to balance the need for user proximity with the cost benefits of strategic global sourcing. Knowledge management and collaboration technologies provide front line L1 customer services representatives with access to resolutions to the most common problems or real-time access to L2 or L3 experts.
  • Improved service levels – While cost reduction is often the impetus for clients to explore IT managed services we find the benefits of improved application stability, availability, performance, and quality can have a greater contribution to customer satisfaction.
  • Improved business agility – When done properly many techniques used to transform IT and reduce costs result in increased business agility. A simpler application landscape makes it easier to introduce changes globally.

Infosys approach to IT managed services transformation goes beyond the basics of knowledge transfer, primary and secondary support, and steady state operations to assess the IT ecosystem for opportunities to improve cost, quality, agility, and satisfaction. We assess a client’s IT maturity with Infosys proprietary IT Capability Maturity Model, a powerful tool to identify best practices and improve the capability maturity of any IT organization. We then look for opportunities to modernize IT infrastructure and applications through a variety of techniques, including:

  • Application portfolio rationalization – To simplify the application landscape by identifying applications that are of low business and low technical quality that can be retired or identifying areas of functional redundancy where applications can be consolidated
  • Cloud optimization – To optimize infrastructure, platforms, and applications to leverage the cloud where economic and business advantage exists
  • Open source software optimization – To leverage open source software alternatives to optimize software licensing spend
  • Tools standardization – To standardize on common tool sets to reduce licensing costs and improve labor efficiency
  • Middleware standardization – To standardize a middleware platform to reduce integration costs and timelines
  • Storage consolidation – To consolidate storage infrastructure
  • Environment rationalization – To free up unused and under-utilized environments by increasing virtualization.
  • Support and service model optimization – To create common services or centers of excellence within IT. This can have dramatic impacts on cost and quality by establishing a standard consistent way of doing things, and promoting reuse and automation. The most typical CoE candidates include testing, training, integration, business intelligence, and security.
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