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Change enablement

Clients who embark on a transformation journey generally understand the IT challenges but not necessarily how these links into the wider organization. We leverage our change assets and experience to help our clients overcome implementation change challenges.

  • Change impact assessment: Identify organizational, process, and system related changes required to support a transformation initiative.
  • Communication: Identify groups impacted by the transformation initiative and plan/coordinate timely and relevant communication interventions to build awareness, understanding, and commitment.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Identify key individuals who can influence the transformation initiative and plan and coordinate interventions to build understanding and align expectations.
  • Organizational alignment: Identify and implement required changes to business policies and working procedures. Ensure relevant mapping of users to system access permissions compliant with regulatory and company rules.
  • Business readiness assurance: Define/agree critical business criteria that need to be fulfilled to ensure successful transformation and monitor readiness to the point of completion through a change network.
  • Change measurement: Measure and track the effectiveness of change interventions via surveys, collaboration tools, and feedback from change champions.

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