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Sales force transformation

The demands on today's direct sales organizations are greater than ever. They include:

  • Increased competition and more sophisticated competitors require sales people and product teams to constantly innovate and create new sources of differentiations
  • The internet has obliterated information asymmetries and customers are more informed than ever
  • Product development and product marketing are relying on sales to provide market insights so they can develop better products and campaigns resulting in great demands on sales to provide data entry
  • Poorly implemented sales force automation tools with clunky user experience consume valuable customer face time with unending data entry demands

At Infosys, we believe in empowering sales force with information rather than place more data entry demands on them. An effective sales transformation should:

  • Improve efficiency – Get the job done with less effort through automation, fewer clicks, and mobile anytime, anywhere, any device access
  • Improve effectiveness – Focus on the right things by empowering the sales force with insights that allow them to spend their time on high value, high quality opportunities
  • Develop deeper customer relationships – Deliver customer insights that enable the sales force to bring more relevant solutions thereby improving customer satisfaction, retention, and increasing cross-sell and upsell
  • Value for customer – Our approach to sales force transformation starts by capturing the voice of the customer and design solutions that make life better for the customer
  • Value for sales force – Often, sales force automation (SFA) solutions focus on what the sales force can do to populate data rather than on what the solution can do for the sales force. We turn the equation around and emphasize how SFA solutions can empower field sales with compelling customer insights and free them from routine non-value added tasks
  • Value for company – While most companies only identify sources of business value for their transformation investments, we take it forward with our value-enabled solution design and use value-based decision criteria to determine scope, phasing, localizations, and manage change requests
  • Optimize process and applications – Infosys has extensive experience with all of the major sales force automation platforms such as Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics CRM
  • Ensure adoption and accountability – Infosys approach to organizational change management focuses on realizing business value and business continuity

In order to achieve these two outcomes, three essential conditions must be established:

  • People need to be aware of the expectations from them
  • They need to have skills and tools to be ready for the future
  • They need to be held accountable for realizing the anticipated benefits of the transformation

Based on a detailed change impact and organizational readiness assessment, we develop a change management plan that leverages techniques specific to each client situation. This includes – e-learning, train-the-trainer, instructor-lead-training, simulations, communication, stakeholder engagement, leadership alignment, organization design, roles, and responsibility definition and incentive alignment.

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