Every view matters

Infosys has a presence across multiple geographies, industries, services and products. The universe of our material concerns is complex and multi-layered, one that is deeply intertwined with the decisions we implement and the value we seek to create through our business. Within the domains of E, S and G, we are constantly thinking about the most important issues and preparing for them.

2020 marks a milestone year for Infosys. We undertook a review of the progress we have made over the past decade on our sustainability goals and developed the lens further in a more practical and comprehensive manner, to broaden our ESG focus and rank our priorities in order of their importance to our business and our stakeholders.

Our Approach

We determined our most material issues through a data-driven and consultative exercise. Material topics were shortlisted and prioritized based on their impact on our stakeholders and our business.

External stakeholder consultations, global frameworks, mega trends and peer benchmarking

Investor priorities through investor surveys

Global indices reporting & assessment frameworks and thought papers1 and partnerships with global organizations2

Peer benchmarking in the IT industry

Media and public opinion, using AI tools for insights

Regulatory landscape in jurisdictions relevant for infosys

Broader stakeholder consultations

Specific ESG impact areas in geographical and service line contexts in relation to mega trends

Benchmarking against best practices among peers in IT and other industries

Internal stakeholder alignment

'Beliefs audits' with management to understand priorities

Employee engagement surveys, focus group discussions and interactions

Materiality Index

Infosys ESG 2030