Infosys Foundation

Founded in 1996, the Infosys Foundation has been working with partners and organizations to bring lasting change to the underprivileged sections of our society. The Foundation focuses on specific areas of need and extends the necessary aid to institutions and development agencies working on these areas. Through its extensive and sustained efforts, the small but dedicated team of the Foundation has been able to make healthcare accessible, spread education, sponsor the arts and rehabilitate underprivileged communities, especially in the rural and underdeveloped regions of India.

The Foundation focuses on four key areas:

Highlights of some of the projects the Foundation was involved in during this fiscal year are:

Learning and education

We believe that accessible education will empower the underprivileged sections of the society in addressing generational poverty. By extending the base of primary, secondary, higher education, vocational and professional learning through public and private agencies, we can empower our people to realize their full potential. Some of the work that the Foundation did in this field are:


Access and affordability are the two biggest challenges in the domain of healthcare in developing countries like India. The Infosys Foundation endeavors to use its resources to meet these challenges. This fiscal year, the Foundation supported the following initiatives and programs:

Arts and culture

Globalization and advances in technology have posed a grave challenge to some of the traditional arts and crafts in India. The Infosys Foundation identifies nurtures and promotes rare and vanishing folk arts of the country, and supports promising practitioners of fine arts and performing arts through various scholarships and event sponsorships. Some of the initiatives in this field for the last fiscal year are as follows:


In India, there is no dearth of promising sportspersons whose careers are nipped in the bud for want of material and infrastructural help. During the last fiscal, the Infosys Foundation helped their cause by:

Social rehabilitation and rural welfare

The Foundation works closely with NGOs and other developmental organizations to mitigate social inequity and provide aid to the most backward regions of the country. This year, we were involved in the following activities:

Grants by Infosys Technologies Limited to the Foundation

The grants made during the last three years are as follows:

Financial Year
Grants (in Rs. crore)
2010 31.00
2009 20.00
2008 20.00