Schedules to the Financial Statements for the period ended December 31, 2009

11.2.1. Aggregate expenses

The aggregate amounts incurred on expenses are as follows:

in Rs.
  Period ended
December 31,
Salaries and bonus including overseas staff expenses  1,94,76,284
Contribution to provident and other funds  47,864
Staff welfare  3,49,062
Overseas travel expenses  83,94,031
Visa charges and others  14,968
Travel and conveyance  1,34,000
Technical sub-contractors – others  1,16,69,981
Software packages  
For own use  1,64,300
Professional charges  84,04,591
Telephone charges  8,82,781
Power and fuel  70,133
Office maintenance  35,40,333
Rent  81,72,802
Computer maintenance  10,75,148
Printing and stationery  3,56,252
Consumables  21,863
Marketing expenses  1,41,744
Repairs to plant and machinery  2,25,250
Rates and taxes  3,74,822
Postage and courier  16,253
Bank charges and commission  4,61,885
Miscellaneous expenses  1,34,610

11.2.2. Capital commitments and contingent liabilities

in Rs.
 As at December 31,
Estimated amount of unexecuted capital contracts  
(net of advances and deposits) 1,56,05,150

11.2.3.Quantitative details

The Company is primarily engaged in the development and maintenance of computer software. The production and sale of such software cannot be expressed in any generic unit. Hence, it is not possible to give the quantitative details of sales and certain information as required under paragraphs 3, 4C and 4D of part II of Schedule VI to the Companies Act, 1956.

11.2.4. Obligations on long-term, non-cancelable operating leases

The lease rentals charged during the period and maximum obligations on long-term, non-cancelable operating leases payable as per the rentals stated in the respective agreements are as follows:

in Rs.
   Period ended
December 31,
Lease rentals recognized during the period  77,73,822


in Rs.
Lease obligations payable:
As at December 31,
Within one year of the Balance Sheet date  1,36,61,190
Due in a period between one year and five years  2,73,22,380
Due after five years

The operating lease arrangements extend up to a maximum of ten years from their respective dates of inception and relates to rented overseas premises. Some of the lease agreements have a price escalation clause.