Digital consumers

dc In 1975, Meera Khanna visited an upmarket store in Delhi and bought a hair dryer. It was of one of the two brands sold in India at that time.
In 2010, Rini, her daughter, surfs the web, reads consumer reviews, scours the frequently asked questions, posts online queries, and finally orders the hair dryer of her choice from an online shopping mall.

Digital consumers are redefining the value propositions in every industry. The role of the consumer is no longer passive. These digital consumers seek ubiquitous connectivity, transparency and information. Peer influence plays a significant role in their purchase decisions. Digital consumers do not depend on the organization for many things; they depend on themselves and each other. Self-service is a trend that is sure to redefine how enterprises of tomorrow engage with their consumers. Whether it is customer service, information exchange, product reviews or buying decision, the notion of ‘self-service’ is gaining prevalence very rapidly.

Active, informed and assertive consumers are going to demand greater personalization in the way products and services are delivered to them. This is the end of macro-segments leading to the rise of N=1, or engaging with each consumer, one at a time. Digital engagement, by its very nature, allows enterprises to customize and personalize relationships with their consumers and prospects. Enterprises of tomorrow would have to use IT innovatively to ensure the effectiveness and economic viability of extensive personalization.

The value of deep engagement extends beyond personalization. What is exciting the enterprises the most is the ability to engage with their end-users through dialog, feedback and interaction in real-time, helping them gain consumer insights like never before. Today, an enterprise can have direct formal and informal contact with their consumers and prospects. Such large-scale daily conversations with consumers, coupled with unstructured data analytics, provide deep insights for enterprises. This makes them realize their dream to actively listen to the consumers and proactively involve them in the co-creation of new products and services.

We partner with our clients to get the best out of this new scenario by leveraging structured and unstructured analytics, facilitating an active interface between enterprises and their next-generation consumers through social networks, and by formulating innovative platforms for co-opting the new.