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Enhancing growth through innovation

How are our products, platforms and solutions relevant to Infosys 3.0?

Products, platforms and solutions are extremely relevant to achieve the high quality growth envisaged in our Infosys 3.0 strategy. Through this innovative suite of offerings, we participate proactively in our clients' innovation spend by reducing their time-to-market while accelerating growth. We already have booked business of around US $350 million that will be realized over the next four years.

We will further accelerate our growth in this area over the coming years through enhanced investments, mergers and acquisitions. Products, platforms and solutions will make us highly relevant to our clients and markets, address the scalability issues faced by the industry and accelerate our growth with enhanced repeat business.

Is our products, platforms and solutions strategy relevant to clients?

We have seen global corporations redefine their businesses, in terms of what they offer their markets and customers, how they understand customers, build relationships with stakeholders and operate globally. Rapid advancements in technology affect the pace of innovation and transformation. From a clients' enterprise perspective, this velocity of change poses three key challenges – re-balancing investments to create differentiation through innovation; moving the cost structure from being capital expense (capex) intensive to variable operating expense (opex) based and reducing cycle time of realizing the return on investments. As part of Infosys 3.0, our strategy of growing innovative products, business platforms and solutions is focused on addressing these key challenges.

How do our product offerings help accelerate growth?

Our products deliver business capabilities and differentiated functionalities. We invest in both industry-specific and cross-industry product offerings. Clients use these as standalone or customized solutions or as building blocks in large enterprise business processes.

For instance, Finacle™, our successful product suite helps clients improve customer retention through cross-channel integration, increases efficiency by leveraging technology and processes, enhances revenue from new product innovation and manages regulation and compliance. Over 150 banks across the world use Finacle™, across 45,000 branches.

Clients are adopting our suite of product offerings such as Customer Self-Service Energy Manager, which helps ensure customer delight through sustainable energy management and revitalizes customer service and the Omni-Channel Personalization Engine, which helps retailers foster consumer relationships by presenting personalized content across channels.

What are Infosys' platform offerings and how do they impact clients?

Our business platforms, Infosys Edge™, used by over 30 clients, are built on specific themes to help clients drive deeper engagement with digital consumers, build smarter organizations and address the needs of emerging markets. Each platform is built on core intellectual property that we have developed, partnered or acquired. We host, operate and manage these platforms, which are offered to our clients on an outcome / subscription based pricing model. For instance, Infosys BrandEdge™ addresses the comprehensive digital marketing needs of clients. Infosys TalentEdge™ enables clients deepen employee engagement. Infosys WalletEdge™ enables a financial ecosystem of consumers, merchants, telcos, etc., to tap the potential of mobile commerce.

Infosys BrandEdge™, the digital marketing platform was launched in partnership with Fabric Worldwide, a WPP company and built an ecosystem of over 30 cloud partners.

What about cloud, mobility and sustainability?

We developed the Cloud Ecosystem Hub solution by envisioning a single point of accountability for all our clients' cloud needs. Our clients can now easily automate, provision, secure and govern their Hybrid Clouds. We invested in over 3,000 cloud experts, who are now delivering over 140 engagements across industry verticals.

Our enterprise mobility suite spans multi-device and multi-platform mobile environments. Clients leverage our intellectual assets, pre-built micro-apps, tools, accelerators and agile methodologies to accelerate their mobility strategy. We co‑create mobility-led business solutions with clients such as the Mobile Point of Sale solution (co-created with a large U.S. specialty retailer).

We leveraged our investments in Infosys Labs, our research and development arm, and our relationships with world-renowned R&D and academic organizations to co‑create a suite of sustainability solutions. Our clients are deploying our Enterprise Sustainability Reporting and Energy Management Solutions. For instance, we co-created a Geographical Interface Service (GIS) to improve utility performance, with the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM).

How are we accelerating growth in products, platforms and solutions?

While we address market opportunities, we will continue to focus on introducing new offerings, active marketing and in building scale. For instance, we partnered with the Income Tax Department, Government of India to set up the Income Tax-Centralized Processing Centre for managing income tax returns.

We are doubling our investments in the Product Research and Development Center (PRDC) to accelerate intellectual property design and development. Our Supply Chain Performance Management Suite, an advanced analytics product, is an outcome of this investment. Our acquisitions of the Portland Group (procurement space) and McCamish Systems LLC (insurance space) are aligned to our strategy of developing business platforms through partnerships and acquisitions.

We invested in state-of-the-art Experience Centers in India and Europe to showcase our products, platforms and solutions in active environments. Infosys Labs launched a unique interactive technology medium, Infosys Labstorm, to share our offerings and capabilities with clients.

We are building online communities with thought leaders in technologies like cloud, mobile, big-data and social. To achieve scale in execution, we are investing in world-class hosting infrastructure and investing in attracting best-in-class global talent.

We are excited about the medium and long-term growth opportunities, the client value we are creating and the investments we are making in driving innovation‑led growth.

Sanjay Purohit

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Products, Platforms and Solutions

Products, platforms and solutions will make us highly relevant to our clients and markets, address the scalability issues faced by the industry and accelerate our growth with enhanced repeat business.

Innovation edge

airtel money: Fueling the Digital Payments Economy

Rapid advancements in mobile phone technology and its increased reach has given rise to innovative models of new age commerce which empower businesses and consumers. Among these, mobile payment models are slated to touch the lives of millions and enable businesses to reach out to a vast population with possibilities that never existed.

Infosys WalletEdge™ is a mobile commerce platform provided by Infosys for airtel money services provided by Airtel M Commerce Services Limited, a wholly‑owned subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel). Airtel is a leading integrated telecommunications company, which is ranked among the top five mobile service providers, globally.

Infosys WalletEdge™ is centered on Infosys' core intellectual property, Finacle Digital Commerce, associated infrastructure, and technology and operations. It is delivered through a private cloud and will empower airtel money customers to make cashless payments and settlements.

Airtel money customers can now pay bills, re-charge accounts, make instant money transfers and transact online through multiple channels including mobile phones, Interactive Voice Response and Point of Sale. This gives airtel money the distinction of being India's first mobile based wallet service offered by a subsidiary of a mobile operator.

It will also play a pivotal role in driving financial inclusion in India. Together, Airtel and Infosys are offering customers across India a compelling proposition, to accept airtel money as a way of life.

Centralized Processing Centre for the Income Tax Department of India: An end-to-end transformation project

On February 23, 2009, Infosys was awarded a project for 'Establishing and Operating the Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) for the Income Tax Department'. This project involves outsourcing the processing of income tax returns – both e-filed (pan India) and paper filings (Karnataka and Goa).

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance, Government of India wanted to re-engineer its business processes and deliver efficient and consistent services to taxpayers in processing of returns. This includes an overhaul of the IT infrastructure, outsourcing Permanent Account Number (PAN) issuance / governance, and e-filing tax returns.

The Centralized Processing Centre is the largest custodian of the income tax business rules in electronic form. It has a 60-person centralized Customer Care Centre, a first-of-its-kind, to help address taxpayer enquiries and grievances.

Since its inception till date, the CPC has processed over 22 million e-filed returns. In fiscal 2012, CPC processed 13.2 million returns, a jump of 52% over fiscal 2011 when about 8.7 million returns were processed. The average time to process a return from date of receipt of Income Tax Return Verification (ITRV) also dropped from 151 days to 51 days. Refunds worth ` 147 billion have been issued directly to taxpayers. Over 20 million documents have been archived in the Record Management facility during the financial year.

The successful functioning of the CPC has led to a quantum jump in e-filing of income tax returns in India. The CPC is gearing up to meet the increased expectations of taxpayers.

This project showcases the success of an end-to-end business transformation of a key function of the Government of India and has won various national‑level awards.