Infosys | Annual Report 2018-19

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Infosys Cobalt 2.0: The Power of Cloud Technologies for Infosys and its Industry Customers

Infosys launched Infosys Cobalt in 2020, offering 14,000 cloud assets and 200 industry blueprints. As the next iteration, Infosys Cobalt 2.0, highlights the power of cloud technologies for Infosys and its industry customers.

As cloud, data, edge, internet of things (IoT), 5G and artificial intelligence come together to deliver business outcomes, the focus has now shifted towards transforming enterprises with industry specific cloud solutions.

In an exclusive interview with theCube at AWS re:Invent 2022, Anant Adya, EVP and Head - Infosys Cobalt and David Wilson, SVP and Head - Partner Ecosystem at Infosys, were interviewed by theCUBE hosts Lisa Martin and Savannah Peterson where they discussed how the evolution of Infosys Cobalt has gained significance in delivering business results for the company’s enterprise customers.

Watch the complete interview here.


Show Notes

  • 00:06

    Jeff introduces himself and Aruna

  • 01:03

    What did Infosys do to reduce our carbon footprint before we turned to carbon offsets?

  • 05:19

    How did Infosys leadership develop a carbon offsets approach that would represent a true reduction in carbon emissions?

  • 07:43

    How did Infosys assure additionality with its carbon offsets?

  • 08:48

    Infosys has a portfolio, a group of community-based carbon offset projects. It sounds like more than a carbon offset. Did it set the carbon offset program apart? Can you comment on what it means beyond the carbon itself?

  • 12:27

    More companies than ever before have sustainability leadership positions. According to several studies, nearly eight in ten have an executive responsible for sustainability. What's the most important thing that corporate sustainability leaders should know to make their offset program successful?

  • 15:36

    Aruna shares her favorite sustainability resources.