Get set, go

A rock-solid foundation for our fresh recruits

According to the World Bank, India has one of the largest working-age population in the bracket of 25-30 years. The potential of this demographic dividend can be a huge propellant to move from being a ‘developing’ nation to a developed one. On the other hand, of all the students entering the job-market, only one-third meet the criteria of the employers.
- India Skills Report 2016

Infosys’ Foundation Program (FP) has been turning around this challenge for the Information Technology (IT) sector since its inception in 2004. An average of 16,000 recruits successfully complete the Foundation Program every year.

Global Education Center (GEC), Mysore

Stepping stone

The Foundation Program is a flagship program that has since 2004, trained more than 130,000 fresh engineering recruits to help them become competent IT professionals.

All fresh recruits undergo the training to build the necessary technical and behavioral skills and competencies that are required to bridge the gap between college education and what is needed for customer delivery, once they join our projects.

New recruits at GEC, Mysore

Training in progress at GEC, Mysore

This is a residential program spread over five months and run by our Education, Training and Assessment (ETA) group. ETA offers industry-benchmarked courses that cover generic IT training, advanced training and professional skills development, as part of this program.

The Foundation Program is conducted using world-class infrastructure at our Global Education Center (GEC), Mysore. GEC is one the world’s largest corporate universities. Spread over 1.4 million sq.ft., the GEC is capable of training 14,000 individuals at a time. The facility has 147 training rooms, 485 faculty rooms, 42 conference rooms, five assessment halls, an induction hall and a cyber-café.

World-class infrastructure at GEC, Mysore

Library at GEC, Mysore

While the Foundation Program is based on a sound teaching and learning methodology that includes real-world hands-on practice and assessments, the two state-of-the-art libraries within the premises offer access to over 140,000 books, and further encourage learning among the trainees.

Bridging the gap, staying relevant

To stay relevant, the Foundation Program is aligned to the strategic needs of the company. The program ensures that our fresh recruits become adept in areas such as Design Thinking, algorithm thinking and problem-solving skills.

By combining teaching, hands-on learning, and assessment of in-class training, the program ensures that learning becomes an interactive, interesting and enriching experience for our recruits.