Steering with a vision

Infosys Leadership Institute

Being industry leaders is not enough. We must create leaders out of individuals too. At the Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI), we do just that.

ILI was set up in 2001 under the guidance of N.R. Narayana Murthy. Its vision is to be a globally respected institution that helps identify high-potential employees and develops them into Infosys leaders.

ILI’s mission covers the following:

  • Enabling current performance of leaders while also developing them for future positions
  • Identifying, developing, and retaining high-potential leaders in the leadership pool
  • Encouraging and supporting senior leaders to teach, coach, and mentor other potential leaders
  • Providing high-value learning opportunities through best-in-class and evidence-based programs

Leadership development in 3D

ILI’s leadership development model includes three dimensions: transformational, instrumental, and transactional leadership. The Infosys values are at the core of this leadership model.

The ILI training program follows the 3E framework: Education, Exposure, and Experience. This framework is a holistic way of engaging with the institute’s learning agenda.

Leaders teach

The ILI’s unique training agenda includes teaching sessions by Infosys leaders who conduct sessions by sharing their expertise, experience and perspectives. The ‘Leaders Teach’ series is one of ILI’s key programs where a senior Infosys leader conducts a learning session with a small group of internal leaders on a leadership topic of their interest. The facilitating leader shares his or her experiences and insights on the topic, and uses various action learning exercises (e.g., case studies) to help the group apply key concepts.

Global collaborations

In addition, ILI collaborates with experts in the field of leadership. Collaborations include experts from institutions such as the University of Lausanne and organizations such as CEB and Inspirational Development Group (IDG) and VitalSmarts.

The core ILI team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds with expertise in organizational development and leadership.

The ILI faculty have published books and articles in reputed journals.


This unique program focuses on behaviors that are essential to develop the mindset and culture of intrapreneurship within the organization. ILI offers several training programs, such as Charismatic Leadership, PoP, Intrapreneurship, Being A Strategic Leader, and so on, to help groom future leaders.