Case Studies

Redesign of Sub-frame for Standardization across Five Variants

The Client

The client is a leading of manufacturer of trailers in North America.

Business Need

The current design of trailers had high part count that resulted in increased inventory costs. The assembly time was high as the process involved a number of welding operations. The client was keen to reduce the inventory costs, material costs, and assembly time.

Our Solution

Infosys redesigned the sub-frame and standardized it across five variants of trailers.

Salient features of the solution included:
  • Use of quantitative tools like Pugh Analysis and affinity diagram for concept selection
  • Modular design with alternate joining techniques to achieve standardization
  • Optimized design at the vehicle level for induced braking and tipping forces
  • Project savings of US$ 2 million each year, through significant reduction in material and labor costs
  • Part count reduced by 37 percent and resultant reduction in inventory
  • Gross weight of the sub-frame reduced by 28 percent
  • Final assembly setup time improved by nearly 30 percent
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