Case Studies

Product Customization for Japanese Market

The client is a US-based company, in the areas of Internet security products such as enterprise Internet / Intranet security and enterprise policy management. It is also a major player in single sign-on mechanisms which allow secure access across various web servers and platforms.

The company engaged Infosys to produce a localized version for the Japanese market. The solution addressed challenges such as:

  • Build support for three scripts (Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji)
  • Train its local partner in Japanese to deliver the localized product
  • Comply with strict I18N standards
  • Localize the product based on ideographic languages which use symbols extensively and reads left-to-right or vertically top-to-bottom, etc.

Infosys' solution delivered several benefits, including:

  • The product was completely tested on two different platforms and successful implementation helped Japanese users of Windows and Solaris benefit from increased security.
  • Excellent Japanese language support helped the client obtain an edge over its competitors in the cut-throat security market.
  • A robust test suite used to introduce other products was ported to the Japanese environment.
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