Case Studies

Upgrade of Energy Management System for an American Electric Utilities Major

The Client

The client is a large electric utility serving over 13 million people in a 50,000 square-mile area encompassing 11 counties in Central, Coastal, and Southern California. The company’s customers include commercial, industrial and non-profit organizations, adding up to 5,000 large businesses and 280,000 small businesses.

Business Need

The client was faced with ageing hardware and capacities nearing maximum, necessitating a complete overhaul of their Energy Management system.


Challenges included:

  • Ageing hardware and capacities nearing maximum
  • Compliance requirements from NERC
  • Lack of redundancy in the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) architecture
Our Solution

Infosys designed and implemented a comprehensive solution to meet client's requirements. Key program aspects included:

  • Complete Test Management for the upgrade project spread over factory and site tests
  • Test items included traditional SCADA and Advanced Power System Applications
  • Testing and Test automation
  • Development of external interfaces for SCADA to OMS, event logger, transformer / line limits, and outage request
  • Design optimizations in iterations and tuning of performance based on integrated systems
  • Support Model for Change Management, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Management
  • NERC CIP GAP analysis and achievement recommendations
  • It is one of the largest EMS implementations spread over four years with complete refresh of hardware, software, and redundant networks
  • This upgrade provided the client system with a Training Simulator and advanced applications for Contingency Analysis, State Estimation and Demand Forecasting
  • Advanced applications for Contingency Analysis and Demand Forecasting
  • Enhanced visibility and control based on advanced SCADA
  • Complete overhaul of the Energy Management system
  • Proven support model for Change Management, Disaster Recovery and Incident Management
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