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The aerospace industry faces a multitude of challenges – ranging from revenue growth to sustenance of organic operations. To keep pace with today’s competitive environment, organizations need to work on:

  • Being able to adapt quickly to industry dynamics and regulations while understanding total cost / value, and opportunity implications across the value chain.
  • The ability to adopt new technologies, materials, and supporting business systems to be on the cutting edge and create right value and experience for customers in comfort, convenience, safety, and fuel economy.
  • Ensuring how to maximize customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings such as after-sales service, MRO, and other value-added services that enhance customer satisfaction.

Value proposition

To build state-of-the-art aircrafts and improve customer reach in new geographies, it is vital for manufacturers to have the right global engineering partner. We help aerospace majors and suppliers to:

  • Reduce total development costs: We reduce costs by running an efficient product development “factory” and focusing on continuous productivity improvement. We further reduce cost overheads by assuming full design and engineering ownership, from concept design and requirement capture to manufacturing, launch, and logistics support.
  • Ensure effective product cost through cost modeling and competitive benchmarking: We analyze cost drivers and alternatives across the engineering value chain, which results in benchmark designs, including in areas like tooling, manufacturing process, and supplier quotes. We do the same for design and bill of materials (BOM) to reduce or meet target cost through the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Adopt new technologies with our investments: Infosys has strategically invested in building expertise and solutions for composite and alternate material structures design. We have a core team of experts who focus on development of composite structures, complemented by AUTOLAY, a software solution for composites.
  • Accelerate time to market: We accelerate time to market by systematically capturing knowledge from previous work done with top global aerospace OEMs and suppliers on numerous programs. Infosys experts create a highly reusable knowledge base, modeling and simulation tools, and engineering frameworks that help fast track development.

Service offerings

Infosys Aerospace Engineering offerings span the complete aircraft development cycle, including airframe structures, systems, and interiors for a wide array of aircraft ranging from trainer, transport, business and fighter aircraft, and helicopters to launch vehicles for satellites and gas turbines.

Infosys is the first engineering service provider to get certified under AS/EN9100, ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 27001, ensuring the process rigor and compliance requirements of the aerospace industry.

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